Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Competency Mis-Trial Status Conference

[Original Post by DS: 06/29/2011 9:05AM PST]

Today's Status Conference Results:

The attorneys showed up at 8:45, disappeared into the judge's chambers for a few minutes, and then left. According to the bailiff, there is no information other than that the August 22 trial date stands, and nothing will be discussed in open court today. The bailiff apparently didn't have many other specifics.

There might be more to the story, as the court started watching this blog at 8:46AM, and has viewed the blog several times since then (seven times). Perhaps the news folks will talk to McKowan about behind-the-scenes discussion and maybe get another juicy "No Comment" quote from McDougall.


  1. This needs a change of venue and the California Attorney General needs to take over the case.

  2. Great photo arrangement at the top. As I interpret it - it appears the scales of justice are broken....

    Truly in this case, they are.

  3. Yes, it's stolen from Titian: The Rape of Lucretia.

    Justice has her scales trashed, her sword snapped in half like a dry reed, and her blindfold tossed aside.

    ayres' brutal rape of justice is eagerly cheered on by all of his crazed and perverted supporters.