Friday, March 4, 2011

william h. ayres Found Competent (AGAIN) to assist in his own defense.


william hamilton ayres, accused of molesting many young boys while he was alleged to be providing psychiatric care, was found to be COMPETENT to assist in his own defense, as was predicted two weeks ago.

The third doctor’s “tie-breaker” report was apparently received just this morning before court. The tie-breaker was needed because although the original two doctors found ayres to be competent, one of them (Dr. Jatinder Singh) mysteriously waffled the day the competency trial was expected to start, and changed her report. (I know... the logic is convoluted. Justice does not apparently rely upon actual fact and logical argument. If you're new to the case, and trying to figure out what state the case is currently in, the brief background is here.)

The defense had seen the current report this morning, just before the hearing. The prosecutor had not yet received a copy.

Next Friday at 9am, there will be a hearing in front of Judge Grandsaert to set this year’s second attempt at a competency trial date. (It will be the third attempt at a competency trial.) It sounds like there may be scheduling conflicts with Judge Grandsaert's schedule, and yet another judge may be involved....

The San Mateo Daily Journal should be putting up something soon... they came here poking around with a "william ayres child psychiatrist blogspot" google query. They usually have a tidbit or two from the prosecutor, and a "did not respond" from the defense. I'll post a link if they get around to a story.

Update (03/05/2011 6:30am):
The San Mateo Daily Journal did post an article today, but with no content other than already reported.

Update (03/05/2011 11:00am):
The MercuryNews now has a story out as well.

They include quotes from The DA and prosecutor talking about getting the case "back on track". Uh.... the "track" is all the way back there... in 2008. Going to need some hard pushing and some judges who won't keep allowing delays for the "LAST" time.

Hi Robert. No matter how many times you look, or what happens at trial, daddy's still guilty.

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  1. ayres is a pedophile who needa to be in extreme isoloation cell for life and the feds need to do a swepping investigation of SMC starting with James Fox, ex DA, SMC who was a counselor at Hillcrest Juvenile Hall 45 years ago and probaly had some association with ayres, maybe even had a hand in referring young boys to ayres. His star was rising...