Friday, March 25, 2011

San Mateo County: Come Have Sex With Our Children!

Ugh... Yet another installment...

According to Joshua Melvin at, Jeffery Gracia of Pacifica was convicted earlier this week for having oral sex with a 14 year old boy, and possessing child pornography.

According to the “Pacifica Patch” other charges included masturbation and anal sex, and included in evidence were hundreds of photos of Gracia posing with the young boys in Burma.

He was sentenced to a year -- ONE YEAR -- in JAIL -- minus time served -- (avoiding PRISON time) and five years of probation for his disgusting crimes, by San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Craig Parsons.

Apparently Judge Parsons was aroused by Gracia’s military service, volunteer firefighter duties, and having been smart enough to have not been caught diddling boys before or after  the incidents in question.

The father and brother of the victim (both deemed even by the judge to be biased due to their fiduciary dependence on the perp) both testified on the PERPETRATOR’s behalf.  Who needs enemies when you have family like that?

According to the “Pacifica Patch,” DA Steve Wagestaffe reports that in a lengthy response, the Judge indicated that he gave more weight to the Perp’s service than to the credible (in the judge’s words -- several times) victim’s testimony and the biased (in the judge’s words) family’s testimony. That, and the fact that he hadn't “committed” any NEW offences since 2001. (I think you mean BEEN CAUGHT COMMITTING, don’t you Judge Parsons?)

Judge Parsons is the same dude who pared Tarquin Craig Thomas’s 25 counts of lewd and lascivious behavior down to five charges. Fortunately (if you can call it that) there was enough heinously disgusting video and photographic evidence that the perp ended up with a 108 year prison term.

Gracia does have to register as a sex offender, a relative rarity for San Mateo County lately.

Meanwhile, Daniel Leon Stansbury got two years and eight months in PRISON for fraudulently receiving aid money when he claimed to be a victim of the PG&E explosion in San Bruno. Despicable behavior, and I think he deserves the time. But frankly the seven years and four months that Gracia COULD have been sentenced for the crimes HE was convicted of is far too light a sentence for his atrocities.

All because of the fabulous judges San Mateo County seems so fond of. Can we please remember these turd judge's names when elections roll around?

If DA Steve Wagstaffe had any objections to the "Judge's" light sentence, he apparently didn't voice them to either news agency.

Serve in the Armed Forces, and then come have sex with kids in San Mateo County! Our Judges will lick your boots clean for you!


  1. Thank goodness for the FBI investigation into Wagstaffe; the San Mateo Sheriff's office and the judges!!

  2. Is Ayres under surveillance? And if not, given what we know now about the violent assault he perpetrated on Mark Doe, shouldn't he be?

    What do you think, Deep Sounding? Shouldn't someone be keeping tabs on Ayres' acitivities throughout the day? What's to stop him from going over to the Haight to pick up young boys? He would have plenty of time to do that while Solveig is rehearsing with Masterworks Chorale!!

  3. I think ayres should be in jail, patiently awaiting trial, like WE all are. And if the judges in San Mateo County had set his bail at high enough levels, he would not have been paying his lawyers to keep running all of their delay tactics.

    If we had strong judges, they wouldn't keep allowing the delay tactics this "LAST" time.

    Our sheriffs are lead by people who patronize places that employ underaged sex slaves, our prosecutors are under investigation by the FBI, and our judges are extra soft on sex crimes against children.

    I don't think any of THEM are interested AT ALL in surveilling an old friend of the court.

    Maybe ayres will do us all a favor and take a shotgun with him out behind his old office building and blow the back of his skull off.

  4. ayres = therapist= "the rapist."

  5. Our county's CPS employees, many of which claim disbelief Dr. Ayres could be guilty of molesting a child/patient, regardless of allegations made by more than 3 victims long after crime first reported to have occurred years ago,are simply clueless in determining who abuse/neglect children and who don't. The psycho analysts who claim they're trained with ability to read into what you really meant by what you said or failed to say, are actually trained in financial accounting and given special "bill to receive" abilities. Look into the secrecy allowed by so called "Child Protection Agency" employees and the juvenile courts that except only opinions of social working and/or psycho evaluating county hired personal instead of first hand knowledge testimony or material evidence nobody could dispute rationally - except in these corrupt courts of course. Dr. Ayres getting away with this crime for years will make more sense once the workings of so called "Child Protection Business" finally gets exposed and made to answer openly - so all can figure out warped reasoning for habitual convolution of facts/details that detain children unnecessarily (abuse of power) from families that love them and never neglected or abused them. Parents/defendants then have to prove they didn't commit the fairy tale built on nothing more than an opinion, but translated to others as fact. Now it's a nightmare, not a mere fairy tale one is having to prove innocence of. This tactic, a lucrative one, enforced by unwritten law of operation to sustain protection over county agency abusing financial resources. Sincerely submitted by SJS of Redwood City, CA.