Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neck Deep in Blood Money

Scum sucking lawyers, raising their families on blood money, sucked from the very marrow of innocent adults who were crushed forever by the depraved actions of child molesting filth. The lawyers gladly buy roses for their wives, sock money into their children’s college funds. Money from the filthy shrink who billed parents for providing him with the opportunity to sexually gratify himself with their children.
Money spent to delay, delay, delay, so that the pervert’s victims give up all hope, so that they have time to sink into the depression that destroys.   

So that they have time to die before they can complete soul draining lawsuits; their only last hope of any justice, when the criminal system has long since failed to display any teeth.

Stupid “professional” shrink/doctor/educator – blindly supporting the sick fuck molester you think is innocent because YOU think they did something reputable once. You're too god-damned moronic to realize that all of their “good” was in pursuit of profiling victims they could destroy.  

Spout your stupid crap about assuming people are innocent. When will you realize that the support that you give in your self aggrandizing magnanimous demeanor only further crushes the souls of those you SHOULD be helping.  Maybe when the monsters rape your kids and make you watch? Will you give them the benefit of the doubt then too? Yeah…. Probably -- A Ph.D, or an M.D. but too stupid to be human. What a waste of an education. Maybe you should hire the scum sucking lawyer to get your University fees back.

Aren’t mommy and daddy fantastic, bringing home the bacon, making the spouse and kids happy with money earned by fucking the victims of the dirty old shrink, one more good, hard, time.


  1. I agree Deep. Doctors have a new phrase for patients "doctor shopping" - after I transferred I heard my new PCP mumble it after I didn't do what she expected of me. Dah! I will always doctor shop until I find one without sanctions, lawsuits, criminal cases etc. What patient these days would NOT doctor shop? I don't have to do everything a doctor says. In the past doctors were considered these goliath gods and we lowly patients were to do everything and never challenge them. This is why they got away with so much. Yes, our criminal justice system is just as much to blame! Especially San Mateo County.
    Light sentences and forgiveness runs rampant in the courts. It is such bullshit.

    One thing for sure no matter what - bringing awareness is very important. Justice might not come in my life time or yours but what you do know is that you didn't back down, you put the information out there!

    It begins to feel like a large case if discrimination and I can't even say that it isn't but these doctors need to realize patients are going to doctor shop because it has become necessary to save yourself!

    Teach your kids. You are doing everything you can, for that thank you, and I hope if there are victims reading this don't let ayres or some other lawyer or money grubber bring you down, you did not deserve this and you are worth a lot in this world!

  2. ayres = therapist = "the rapist"

  3. SRG5130✔: You just fell for the oldest trick in the book. Stupid is as Stupid does. And very few of your facts are correct. You don't read/comprehend well. Sad but not unexpected for a lawyer.

  4. Also, your grammar is atrocious. Don't they teach English in SF law school?

  5. Lawyers are like other people--fools on the average; but it is easier for an ass to succeed in that trade than any other.

    -Mark Twain

  6. McDougall vienmēr izmanto ārprāts aizstāvību.