Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miguel Frontera Lost His License For Molesting Boys. So Why Is He Still Claiming To Be A Board Certified M.D.?

UPDATE: 4/29/11: Looks like our complaints to the Maryland Board of Physicians  about Frontera's questionable descriptions of his "M.D"" status and duties at CAMELOT paid off. Frontera is now admitting on his various websites that he gave up his medical license and does not treat patients.
Here's an example:

Miguel Frontera, M.D. gave up his medical license in 2010. He is presently retired and lives in Baltimore MD.[NOTE: CAMELOT: ASDAC is a non-profit organization that, as a public education consortium, is solely tasked with the dissemination of information about ASDs and their potential new treatments to the general population. CAMELOT DOES NOT CONDUCT RESEARCH NOR DOES IT TREAT ANY INDIVIDUALS WHETHER AFFECTED BY ASDS OR OTHER MEDICAL CONDITIONS AS IT IS NEITHER A RESEARCH NOR A MEDICAL ORGANIZATION.]Miguel Frontera's Contact InfoRETIRED
RetiredBaltimore, Maryland 21212

UPDATE: 4/13/11:  Beth Casteel, spokesperson for the American Psychiatric Association informed us today that Frontera has "been notified" that he is no longer a member of the APA.

Remember Miguel Frontera? He was the Baltimore child psychiatrist who had his medical license permanently revoked in March 2010 for molesting 12 young boys sent to him for therapy.

When revoking Frontera’s license, the Maryland Board of Physicians concluded that Frontera:
“was guilty of immoral and unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine; failed to meet the standards of quality care; failed to keep adequate medical records; and violated the Board`s sexual misconduct regulations in regard to 12 minor patients.”
John Papavasiliou, the Deputy Director of the Maryland Board of Physicians had this to say about their decision:
"This is final, permanent and final. The board was emphatic in its decision and united, and it will not tolerate this sort of behavior from any practitioner."

Read the final consent order permanently revoking Miguel Frontera's medical licence here.

It's been a year since Frontera was forced to give up his medical license. So what has he been up to?

Turns out he’s now working as a “medical director” for a company that he appears to have created just for himself. The company is called CAMELOT : Consortium for the Advancement of Medical and Evidence Based Learning and Organized Treatment Autism Spectrum Disorders Chapter .

In September 2010, Frontera announced - through a dizzying number of personal domains he created on the internet - that after “leaving” his staff position at Clinical Associates in early 2010, he was “appointed” to and “accepted the position" as the medical director for CAMELOT. Clearly he wants to give the impression that CAMELOT was wooing him!

On his CAMELOT home page, there’s a photo of two bare-chested handsome young men (who could still be in their teens) on a beach with two women in bikinis. Not only is this photo inappropriate given Frontera’s history, but what does it have to do with autistic kids?

And what is it that Frontera does over at CAMELOT? According to this bio, “Psychiatric practitioner, professor, and researcher Miguel Frontera, MD, serves as Medical Director for CAMELOT:ASDC (Consortium for the Advancement of Medical and Evidence-Based Learning and Organized Treatment: Autism Spectrum Disorders Chapter).
In this role, he diagnoses children with an array of autistic disorders, and he educates the public on these afflictions through the nonprofit's website. In addition, Miguel Frontera, MD, conducts in-depth research to identify causes and work toward new treatments for these individuals.
Diagnosing children?” Does this mean he is still seeing children as his patients?

Another website,, says Dr. Miguel Frontera also uses the clinic to study the sleeping patterns of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in order to correlate them with other ASD symptoms such as obsessive, self-soothing behavior and irritability.

What is one to make of Frontera’s CAMELOT “Mission” statement?
“We know that families affected by ASDS may sometimes find themselves desperately looking for solutions to problems they face. This may leave them vulnerable to being manipulated by sometimes well-meaning, sometimes-not individuals or outlets that offer treatments that sound promising bar are largely if not completely unproven."
It should be noted that William Ayres once upon a time wrote something quite similar for the Psychiatric News in 1997 when he was running for President of the American Psychiatric Association -- warning people against businessmen who“profit from the vulnerabilities of others” while extolling child psychiatrists like himself as "caring" about the needs of children.

And who is paying for Frontera’s job as medical director at CAMELOT?

According to the website:
“All research conducted at the Clinic will be funded through grants and private grants as well as through the private donations obtained directly and indirectly through this website.”
Only trouble is, there’s no contact any information for Frontera anywhere on the website. No email address, phone number or mailing address. A call to the Clinic’s “President” – a Baltimore geriatric psychiatrist named David Loreck about this organization - has not been returned.

A quick check of Frontera’s various bios elsewhere has turned up some falsehoods. For example, this bio states that Miguel Frontera, M.D. holds Board Certification in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and General Psychiatry.

But Nicole Judge, spokesperson for the American Board of Medical Specialists says this is false - Frontera is NOT Board Certified.

And this website:  says Frontera is a member of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

This is false as well. Annette Iverson from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry says that the Academy terminated Frontera’s membership as soon as the molestation allegations surfaced in 2009. She also stated that they are considering contacting the Maryland Board of Physicians about his continuing to claim membership.

The Baltimore police won’t say whether they are still investigating Frontera. But if anyone has any information about Frontera and CAMELOT, please email me:

A special thank you to the poster named “Just Me” over at for investigating the various website domains held by Frontera.


  1. Read this and decide for yourself.

    Why hasn't the Baltimore County Police charged him with any crimes. His victims deserve some justice.

    Just because he was a Dr.? People seem to look the other way. Imagine if someone else in any other profession did this to your son...wouldn't you be screaming?

  2. Thanks for keeping up with these knuckleheads.

    Note that another doctor from the Harvard system, Lewis E. Braverman M.D., has engaged in similar assaults against women patients. He trained at Johns Hopkins, then at Harvard, and worked at UMass Medical Center for many years where the indecent A&B of the breasts of all of his female patients was witnessed by multiple doctors. The number of assaults may be as high as 40K. Patients complained yet no one contained him. He went to the Brigham and is now at BUMC. He abused with glee and with glory. He is a sadistic psychopath who also psychologically abused children. It is unknown if he sexually assaulted teenage females.

  3. William A. Kadish also lost his license for sexual assaults; he abused a disabled female psych patient but has managed to hold positions in the medical field. Should be in JAIL.

  4. You are wrong about Dr. Frontera. He was and still is the best psychiatrist I have ever had. I saw him all through high school and he treated me for depression and anxiety. Him and his office allowed me to have telephone visits when I went away for college. I did seek counseling through my college but had weekly apts with Dr. Frontera. He ran numerous tests on me to make sure I wasn't bipolar or having some other psych issues. he also tested me for ADHD and found that I did have it. He offered to write letters to my professors and explained the specific areas my disabilities. He took the time to know me and to make sure that there wasn't any other issues going on like MS or seizures. He's an MD of course he tooky blood pressure and pulse and orders blood tests if needed. He was the absolute most caring most intelligent doctor let alone Psyciatrist I have ever had and I was Heart Broken in his false accusations and that he lost his license and sad that I could no longer go to him. I have been to many psychiatrists since and it seem like all they want to do is pump me full of meds and send me on my way. No getting to know the patient. No hour spent with the patient. About 15 minutes is what you get. I have never been so lucky as to meet and have another doctor that cared so much and was just a fountain of knowledge.

    1. Here's an excerpt from the Maryland Board of Physicians (Which Frontera affirmed and signed, concerning at LEAST 12 young boy victims):

      The Board investigation determined that in the cases it evaluated, the Respondent's actions bore striking similarities from patient to patient. The sequence of events began as follows: After interviewing his patients' accompanying parent or parents about their children's behavioral issues, the Respondent performed physical examinations on the minor patients. In four of the five instances the Board reviewed, the Respondent instructed the parent(s) to leave the examining room prior to the physical examination, or performed an examination that required disrobing without the knowledge or consent of the patients' parent(s).


      The Respondent instructed his patients to disrobe completely and remove their underpants.

      At a point during the examination, the Respondent directed some of his patients to position themselves on "all fours," i.e., to position themselves on their hands and knees on his office couch. During this time, the patients' genitals were exposed. These patients stated that during this part of the examination, the Respondent stood in back of them or sat on the couch and examined their inner thighs and then their outer thighs. In some of the cases, the Respondent spread the cheeks of his patients' buttocks and extensively touched the area around their genitals. The patients described that the Respondent directed them to lie in a supine position on the couch, after which he examined the area around their abdomen and genitals.

      In his interview with the Baltimore County Police Department, the Respondent, when questioned about the need to perform genital examinations on his minor male patients who presented with behavioral issues, stated, "I now realize that it is not, you know, necessary." The Respondent also stated that he was "very out of the mainstream of psychiatry."

      In his 2009 interview with the Board, the Respondent stated that components of his examinations were either not "necessary" or were "uncalled for." The Respondent stated that it never occurred to him to contact his minor male patients' pediatricians to obtain their history and physical examination findings. The Respondent admitted that when doing such examinations on his minor male patients, he did not use gloves.

      There's lots more disturbing stuff, all of which Frontera affirmed to the Medical Board in hearings to remove his license. Any reader can go find the information on the Board's site, just like I just did.

      Frontera is a child molester, plain and simple.

      Child molesters don't molest every child that they come into contact with, just the ones that they think won't get them into trouble.

      Either way, Frontera has you snowed. You should try not to be so gullible.

    2. Chelsea: You are not a male, and therefore not a target of interest to the pedophile Frontera, who by the way, is no longer an MD. After his medical license was revoked by the Maryland Board of Physicians, he then set up websites where he claimed to be a practicing medical doctor. The Maryland Board of Physicians put a stop to that, and ordered him to take it down. Although in a sneaky and amoral fashion he has put in some websites that he is "retired." Please read the police reports of the investigation into Frontera that are online, and the statements from his traumatized victims.

    3. Go fuck yourself Chelsea, seriously, go fuck yourself.

    4. Yea. Except for that time in 1992 when I was an 8 year old boy and visited this monster. I'm glad he was able to help you with your "depression" and your "ADHD" Chelsea. He seems to have been a major factor in creating both of mine...