Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mark Doe: In Memoriam

I am sorry to report today that a victim of Dr. Ayres has died. His name was Mark; he was 44; and was the father of two children. He was a talented pianist and could play anything from ear.

Mark's life went into a downward spiral after Ayres was arrested in 2007. He had several DUI's. His new second marriage, which had started on a hopeful note, ended in divorce. He  spent time in jail for drunk driving.

Although Mark never liked to talk about the abuse at the hand of Ayres, the pain and anguish in his voice was ever-present. Whenever I spoke to him, the pain and grief in his voice  would haunt me for days.

This is the third Ayres victim I know of who has died. One named Alan died in a motorcycle crash in 2005, not long after writing a tragic email saying that no one was going to help the Ayres victims.

Mark himself told me three years ago that he had a death wish. I am just so angry that it has come true. If there are any Ayres victims reading this, please, please, don't end up like Mark and Alan.

I know you most likely distrust therapists, but there are some good ones out there. A compassionate therapist can help you through your grief. Mark's former therapist is one of the good therapists. If you are a victim of Ayres and would like her name, please email me:


  1. I want to express my gratitude to San Mateo Deputy Police Chief Mike Callagy for reaching out and trying to help Mark before he died.

  2. Victoria,

    If not to much an intrusion into privacy how did Mark die?

    Very sad indeed, and very sorry to hear of this.

    44 is way to young to die.

  3. Mark was hit by his housemate. Mark went to sleep and died of internal bleeding. The housemate is now in jail.

    But as I said, Mark had had a death wish for years. Everyone was concerned about him- myself, his many, many friends, his therapist, Deputy Police Chief Callagy. We all knew he was going to die soon if he didn't get help.

    He couldn't handle the memories of what Ayres did to him.

  4. Dr. Ayres: you know what you did to Mark.

    And you are going to rot in hell for all eternity.

  5. Yesterday I received new information concerning Mark Doe that confirmed my deepest fears about the severity of the sexual assault perpetrated by Ayres against Mark Doe when he was an adolescent.

    I also believe that Ayres committed an extreme and similar sexual assault against a victim who is now living in Rhode Island. None of this has been reported in the press.

    Given this new information, it is my strong belief that the police need to put Ayres under surveillance. NOW.