Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reminder: Hearing Tomorrow

Reminder: Another Competency Hearing, Tomorrow:
February 18th, 2011, 8:45am 
400 County Center, Redwood City

william hamilton ayres, alleged psychiatrist and accused molester of many young boys under the guise providing psychiatric care, is in the middle of a long delay game: his attorney requested that ayres be evaluated for competency to defend himself. The two doctors assigned to do the evaluation reported that ayres is competent.

ayres' attorney then requested a trial to decide his client's competence. In the eleventh hour, just before the competency trial was to start, one of the two original evaluating doctors, Dr. Jatinder Singh, changed her assessment. (Surprised that it was last second?) and so judge John Grandsaert, who will be presiding over the competency trial requested a third assessment. The competency trial is therefore on hold pending the delivery of the third doctor's report on February 18th, 2011. Last time, they had trouble finding two non-biased doctors to issue the reports, and then the reports were late, so I expect more of the same.

This delay tactic seems to be the only play in ayres' attorney's playbook, as he's using the same pathetic tactic with his other "bigtime" client, Robert Youshock. In fact, a doctor's report for Youshock is also due to be revealed on Friday the 18th, as well.

At this point, I'm prepping for one of the following two possible outcomes tomorrow:

1. The report is late.

2. The report says ayres is not competent, and rather than going ahead with the trial, the judge decides to not have the trial and declares ayres incompetent, and remands him to "outpatient treatment", allowing him to continue living at home where his twisted wife can continue to pretend to ignore his attraction to 11 year old boys.

This solution would work well for San Mateo County, which can't afford the lawsuits that would stem from a finding of guilt, after all of the opportunities that the county had to stop the twisted pedophile, and after remanding young boys to him for "evaluation" through the juvenile court system, and for which he was the low-bid contractor.

ayres standing trial would be just one more spotlight on San Mateo County's troubles, given all of the digging that the FBI and others are doing into Steve Wagstaffe and his staff:

FBI Focus on Atherton and DA's Office (The Almanac)
FBI asking questions about SM County District Attorney (Mercury News)
Mother Sues DA for Dropping Child Molestation Case (Mercury News)

Seems like the heat is up everywhere, except on the ayres case (as per usual.)


  1. This just in from a friend in Boston: The news is reporting there that 40 (!) victims of Dr. Mel Levine have filed a class action lawsuit against him and Children's Hospital for molesting them during medical exams. (And remember, folks, unlike Ayres, Levine was a bona fide board certified pediatrician!)

    Victims of Levine date back to 1966. In his statement, Carmen Durso, lawyer for the boys says that they believe that Levine has molested as many as 5000 boys.

    Ayres and Dr. Don Rife, another pedophile doctor, also worked at Children's Hospital- which is now being sued by the victims.

    The news says that in one instance, Boston Children's Hospital took care of an abuse complaint internally but did not warn the appropriate agencies.

  2. Link to Levine story

    "Former Boston Pediatrician Faces Sexual Abuse Charges"

  3. With Mel Levine and Children's Hospital splashed all over the Boston papers, this would be an opportune time for someone to post another Ayres ad there. The Boston Herald has good rates.

    Anyone who is interested in contributing to a "Do You Remember Dr. William Ayres ? " ad for the Boston Herald can email me at:

    We know there are Boston victims of Ayres out there. We want to find them, and so does the Boston Police Department.