Saturday, February 19, 2011

More on ayres competency hearing

The San Mateo Daily Journal is now reporting on yesterday's hearing:

They report (as we did) that the third report is due back in court on March 4, 2011, and that they needed two more weeks to complete the report.

They are also reporting that regardless of the outcome, the william ayres' defense attorney will very likely request a jury trial. The reporter says that McKowan has indicated that May is the target month for the competency trial, due to ayres' attorney's other court obligations.

They also are reporting that if he's found incompetent, he'll be sent to a state mental hospital, but this does not seem to be set in stone, as we have on other occasions heard that that would be one possible outcome, but that it could also be something like "outpatient treatment." Apparently this decision will be made based on a number of critera, such as severity of whatever the alleged medical condition is, and some determination of whatever his risk to others may be. Perhaps these critera are already "known," and confinement to a mental hospital is the only option on the table.

It is my belief that the report will show that ayres is indeed competent. But for that we'll have to wait a couple more weeks.


  1. Who knows - perhaps Ayres will pull a "Mel Levine."

  2. I have followed this blog off and on for quite a while, and have felt total disgust at how the legal system of San Mateo has colluded with someone like Ayres who is able to pay to keep himself free. Were Dr. Ayres not part of the social fabric of the county I am sure justice would have limped along a bit faster.

    But I want to say to you who have been the contributors to this site--- that the information you have given, and the dedication to stop further abuse, is to be commended, no matter what happens to ayres himself.

    In my view he will go to some special hell realm of his own making, and may already be in it. I do not recommend suicide for him, as the best punishment is finally to understand and see the suffering caused to others. The most heinous thing is to have done such things and have no remorse.

    For the permanent damage and suffering he has caused for others, I feel deeply for these victims and can only say that the validation you have offered to victims to come forth and stop covering or denying their own pain makes all this a worthy endeavor.

    Until people can stop looking away when other people are hurt and abused ours will remain a narrow world diminished by those who see others as objects of their own desire, hatred or ignorance.