Saturday, February 19, 2011

More on ayres competency hearing

The San Mateo Daily Journal is now reporting on yesterday's hearing:

They report (as we did) that the third report is due back in court on March 4, 2011, and that they needed two more weeks to complete the report.

They are also reporting that regardless of the outcome, the william ayres' defense attorney will very likely request a jury trial. The reporter says that McKowan has indicated that May is the target month for the competency trial, due to ayres' attorney's other court obligations.

They also are reporting that if he's found incompetent, he'll be sent to a state mental hospital, but this does not seem to be set in stone, as we have on other occasions heard that that would be one possible outcome, but that it could also be something like "outpatient treatment." Apparently this decision will be made based on a number of critera, such as severity of whatever the alleged medical condition is, and some determination of whatever his risk to others may be. Perhaps these critera are already "known," and confinement to a mental hospital is the only option on the table.

It is my belief that the report will show that ayres is indeed competent. But for that we'll have to wait a couple more weeks.

Shocker: Pedophile Pediatrician Mel Levine Found Dead

Accused Pedophile Pediatrician Mel Levine  Found Dead in North Carolina Yesterday.

The Boston Globe is reporting that formerly renowned pediatrician and best selling author Mel Levine was found dead in North Carolina yesterday. This comes two days after a press conference in Boston by lawyer Carmen Durso to announce a class action suit by more than 40 men who said they had been molested by Levine at Boston Children's Hospital from 1966- 1985. Please note that Dr. William Ayres also practiced at Children's Hospital from 1959-1963.

Here's the link from the Boston Globe: Dr. in Sex Abuse Suit Dies


Dr. Melvin D. Levine, a former Children’s Hospital Boston doctor and best-selling author, was found dead yesterday, his attorney said, a day after he was sued over accusations that he sexually abused thousands of pediatric patients.

News of Levine’s death came a day after a class action lawsuit was filed in Suffolk Superior Court contending that the doctor sexually abused as many as 5,000 patients during his 19-year career at Children’s Hospital. The suit named the hospital and Levine and asserted that he committed medical malpractice and that the hospital was negligent in failing to properly supervise him.

The suit cited 40 former patients, all young boys at the time, who said that Levine performed unnecessary genital examinations.

Boston lawyer Carmen L. Durso said his suit sought to represent all children examined by Levine when he worked at Children’s Hospital, from 1966 through 1985.

“On a typical visit, he would tell the parents that they could not come into the examining room, because that would interfere with his ability to perform a proper examination,’’ Durso said at a press conference Thursday in his Boston office. “He would require the boys to strip naked, not just for when he did the exam, but for the whole time of the exam, regardless of the reason for the treatment.’’ Durso said Levine performed prolonged genital exams.

After learning about Levine’s death yesterday, Durso said his clients would evaluate whether to pursue their claims against his estate.
What a coward Levine was for refusing to face the reality of what he had done.  Here's hoping all of his victims pursue their claims against Levine's vast estate.

Boston Children's Hospital - where Levine worked from 1966-1985 and is also being sued by Levine's victims- appears to have been quite the hotbed for pedophile doctors:

William Ayres worked at Boston Children's Hospital from 1959-1963.

Donald Lee Rife, whose license was revoked in three states for molesting adolescent boys, worked at Children's from 1964-1966.

UPDATE: Boston Globe reports on new details of Levine's suicide:

The Boston Globe is reporting today that Levine died by a 12-gauge shotgun blast to his forehead:
"Pediatrician's Suicide Soothes No Wounds"

More importantly, a number of Levine's victims break their anonymity and using their full names, talk about the abuse.

One man, who is now a fireman, recounts that as a ten year old, his parents allowed Levine to take him on a trip to Washington, DC.   At their hotel , Levine made the boy get into bed with him and then fondled him repeatedly.

Here's an excerpt:

Among the alleged victims who joined Durso’s latest lawsuit, Neil Liston still harbors deep anger toward Levine. The 38-year-old personal trainer from Nahant said Levine fondled and performed oral sex on him during an appointment at Children’s in 1979 when he was 7.

“When I saw my mom after it happened, I was so freaked out that I wet my pants,’’ Liston said. “I remember looking at his head and not understanding what was happening. I remember holding my breath.’’

He said he told his family what happened, but his grandfather decided to keep quiet because he thought nobody would believe them and that it would cause Liston more problems if they made a big deal about it.

He blames the experience on a long list of personal problems and said he requires therapy and struggles with depression.

“When I learned that he died, the truth is that I felt robbed,’’ he said. “I just wanted to look at him and see what his reaction was when he had to look us in the eye . . . I didn’t want an apology; I would have liked to punch him right in the head. Maybe I wanted some sort of admission of guilt.’’

[Addendum, from Deep Sounding]:
In case you haven't heard yet, Levine's suicide note was released. In it he claims innocence, but then gives us a guilty clue at the end of his note. Read about it here:

So Long, Mel Levine, It's Been a Blast!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Competency Hearing Delayed Again

Competency Hearing: Update:
Friday, February 18, 2011 :

The hearing to review the report from the third doctor evaluating william hamilton ayres' competence to assist in his own defense at trial has been held over.

The hearing is delayed until Friday, March 4th at 8:45am.

Snippets of conversation overheard seem to indicate that it's possible that the doctor needs more  time to complete the report, and that there were scheduling conflicts with McDougall's other ongoing trial with defendant Robert Youshock.

Let's see if the press is persistant on this one... There should be some nuggets of information to find....

Donnelly Nelson Depolo & Murray: You are not welcomed here. Why don't you drop your pervert client and stop making life more difficult for those he has hurt. Do you not have families? How do you sleep at night, knowing the very real damage you are doing to other human beings? Piss-off, turds!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reminder: Hearing Tomorrow

Reminder: Another Competency Hearing, Tomorrow:
February 18th, 2011, 8:45am 
400 County Center, Redwood City

william hamilton ayres, alleged psychiatrist and accused molester of many young boys under the guise providing psychiatric care, is in the middle of a long delay game: his attorney requested that ayres be evaluated for competency to defend himself. The two doctors assigned to do the evaluation reported that ayres is competent.

ayres' attorney then requested a trial to decide his client's competence. In the eleventh hour, just before the competency trial was to start, one of the two original evaluating doctors, Dr. Jatinder Singh, changed her assessment. (Surprised that it was last second?) and so judge John Grandsaert, who will be presiding over the competency trial requested a third assessment. The competency trial is therefore on hold pending the delivery of the third doctor's report on February 18th, 2011. Last time, they had trouble finding two non-biased doctors to issue the reports, and then the reports were late, so I expect more of the same.

This delay tactic seems to be the only play in ayres' attorney's playbook, as he's using the same pathetic tactic with his other "bigtime" client, Robert Youshock. In fact, a doctor's report for Youshock is also due to be revealed on Friday the 18th, as well.

At this point, I'm prepping for one of the following two possible outcomes tomorrow:

1. The report is late.

2. The report says ayres is not competent, and rather than going ahead with the trial, the judge decides to not have the trial and declares ayres incompetent, and remands him to "outpatient treatment", allowing him to continue living at home where his twisted wife can continue to pretend to ignore his attraction to 11 year old boys.

This solution would work well for San Mateo County, which can't afford the lawsuits that would stem from a finding of guilt, after all of the opportunities that the county had to stop the twisted pedophile, and after remanding young boys to him for "evaluation" through the juvenile court system, and for which he was the low-bid contractor.

ayres standing trial would be just one more spotlight on San Mateo County's troubles, given all of the digging that the FBI and others are doing into Steve Wagstaffe and his staff:

FBI Focus on Atherton and DA's Office (The Almanac)
FBI asking questions about SM County District Attorney (Mercury News)
Mother Sues DA for Dropping Child Molestation Case (Mercury News)

Seems like the heat is up everywhere, except on the ayres case (as per usual.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Civil Cases: Uninformed Update

Civil Cases:

Brief Info on the FIVE civil suits:

There are currently FIVE known lawsuits against william hamilton ayres relating to his molestation of young  boys under the guise of providing psychiatric care.

The San Mateo County court has an online case status system providing information about the civil cases. As of the last check on February 15th, 2011, Three of the five civil cases show ambiguous status: the latest hearings/actions are listed as completed, but the overall case status is not documented, and there are no hearings/actions pending as of right now.

TWO of the five cases now show the following status, as of February 8, 2011:

This means that Judge Freeman - the judge running the show in william hamilton ayres' pending (possibly) criminal trial for charges relating to molestation - has put a stop to any further proceedings on at least these two civil cases. This could be indefinite, or it could just be a holding place, so that the court doesn't have to waste time and money with continual hearings just to keep saying "lets wait until the criminal trial finishes" every six months.  It is possible that if the criminal case ever takes place, then the stay on the civil cases will be lifted.

My GUESS is that at least these cases are structured around a finding of guilt in the criminal case, and that BOTH sides want to wait until the outcome. I could be very wrong... Maybe someone will correct me.