Saturday, July 10, 2010

Molestation Case of Child Psychiatrist Dr. Miguel Frontera: New Excellent Developments

While we await for the time-waster of a jury trial to determine the mental competency of William Ayres, we thought we'd bring you up to date on another case involving a pedophile child psychiatrist.

In January, we reported on the case of Baltimore child psychiatrist Dr. Miguel Frontera, whose medical license had been suspended for molesting young boys sent to him for therapy. Unlike Ayres and his whoppers about the medical necessity of examining his young male patients, Frontera at least admitted to the police officers in Baltimore's Crimes Against Children Unit, that the physical exams he did on boys' genitals were "not, you know, necessary" and "very out of the mainstream."

Many hoped that when the Maryland Board of Physicians suspended Frontera's license in November 2009 that he would be criminally charged as well. Instead, the police closed their investigation. Prosecutor Jason League of the Maryland State's Attorney's office told us last January that he didn't have all of the information on victims that the Board of Physicians had, and that he wasn't sure if he had enough to proceed for a criminal case.

That's why in January, when Baltimore Sun reporter Meredith Cohn told us that several new victims of Frontera had contacted her, we urged her to contact League at the State's Attorney's office with the information.

So we are happy to report that the Baltimore Sun is now reporting that the police have reopened their criminal investigation into Frontera because of new information that has come to light.
And in another bit of good news, the Maryland Board of Physicians has now permanently revoked the medical license of Frontera. Check out the revocation summary at their website: (enter "Frontera" in the name search) or view our acrobat copy of the page. There are also two Consent Decrees linked from within the license site: Dated 11/6/2009 and Dated 3/26/2010.

We sure like what John Papavasiliou, the Deputy Director of the Maryland Board of Physicians had to say about their decision to yank Frontera's license:
"This is final, permanent and final," Papavasiliou said. "The board was emphatic in its decision and united, and it will not tolerate this sort of behavior from any practitioner."

Which leads us to ask: How come the medical license of Ayres- who has been criminally charged with a felony, is just suspended ? Why hasn't his license been permanently revoked ? Frontera hasn't even been criminally charged, and yet his license has been permanently revoked.

And while we're at it, why hasn't California passed a law like the one the state of Delaware just passed -- that requires all children who are physically examined by a doctor to have a chaperon present? Delaware passed this law recently as a direct result of the horrific case of pedophile pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley, who has been charged with molesting hundreds of victims - some as young as three months old.

Because California does not have that requires a chaperon present during the medical exam, Ayres was able to make up his own "rules" about this issue.

From the transcript of the trial testimony, Page 42:

Ayre's lawyer Doron Weinberg: Did you examine female patients?
Ayres: No, I wouldn' t do physical on females...

Two questions later: Weinberg: Why did you not examine females?
Ayres: Well, because I don't have any access to someone who would be in the room at the same time...

Weinberg: Is that what you were taught, that you should have somebody present when you examined a girl?
Ayres: Yes.

: Were you taught that you needed that somebody present when you examined a boy?
Ayres: No. At Yale, in pediatrics and...

There Ayres goes again, blaming everything on poor old Yale ! Well, we have spoken to a number of first year pediatric interns who were at Yale with Ayres, and they say he's talking utter nonsense. At Yale, there was no such rule about not having a chaperon for boys. And the shrinks and pediatricians who were at Yale when he was there are not happy he is making this stuff up about no chaperons, and about that other thing he said about a child psychiatrist named Al Solnit teaching pediatric interns how to give physicals. And at least one former colleague of Ayres at Yale has told us that he is angry enough to do anything he can to help the victims of Ayres.

California needs to have its own law about having a chaperon present when a child has a medical exam. Because it doesn't, Ayres could just make up his own rules about no chaperons for boys to fit his perverted needs. That's because of course he didn't want anyone in the room when he was "examining" boys. Although we have to say now that why anyone in San Mateo in their right mind would allow Ayres to get away with such outrageous, seat-of-the-pants, cockamamie "rules" like this is beyond belief!

The point is, if there had been a law in place in California that forbade doctors from examining children without someone present, we believe that Ayres would have been caught far earlier.

Of course the other issue is that he shouldn't have been doing any kind of physical exam on any kid in therapy in the first place. Period. It just isn't done - not by anyone he trained with at Yale and Boston or for that matter any normal child psychiatrist in this country.

The only doctors we've come across who examine boys in therapy are the pedophile ones ... Ayres, Frontera, Rife, Horowitz, et al.

PS: Miguel Frontera still has his Facebook page up, with an "M.D" still attached to his name and that photo with two little boys sitting on his lap. (Ugh.)


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  1. It's an epidemic!!

    Up in Calgary, Alberta, psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin has been charged with molesting male patients. Kudos to the Alberta government for ordering a full review of each case where Levin testified in the cases of juvenile offenders. They are contacting every juvenile who was ever evaluated by Levin to see if they were molested.

    San Mateo on the other hand, seems to have no interest in getting to the bottom of just how many juveniles Ayres molested.

    Recent story on the arrest of Dr. Aubrey Levin:

    Additionally, prior to coming to Alberta, Levin worked in South Africa, where he subjected homosexuals to electroshock therapy in an effort to "cure" them.