Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hearing Reminder

[Original post: 07/14/2010 01:45pm ]
For those following the civil cases in which william hamilton ayres is being sued relating to his molestation of young boys:

There is a case management hearing TODAY, Thursday, July 15, 2010 9am in the latest suit filed against him. There is no trial date scheduled for this case yet, and there don't appear to be any specific motions listed in the open access court documents.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to this one. If you need to know what happens first-hand, get your butt down to the courthouse, pronto, or have someone you trust go! And report back here too, if you please!

Note: I haven't re-confirmed the date/time yet. If you're planning on going, give the court a call to make sure it's still on... Info below:

This is very likely one of those "bulk" hearings where they have a whole bunch of quick stuff to schedule, and the order that they take the cases is not necessarily set. The case could be heard at 9:00am or anytime thereafter. I've never had to sit past about 10:45 before it was wrapped up. 

Because they won't be using names, you'll have to keep the case number handy to find the correct courtroom: CIV492658  vs. John Doe 1 et al (John Doe 1 is ayres.)  I'm just guessing, but probably this is just a meeting to schedule the next meeting while everyone waits for criminal trial results, and now competency results, as well. 


First Case Management Conference
Info: 650-363-4576 CIV492658
Thu Jul 15 9am Pacific Time
400 County Center, Redwood City, CA Dept. 7 (map)
williamayreswatch Events

See "ayres' Court Dates" for more detail

Also see post below. I've added testimony from ayres' first criminal trial about the design of his office building and suite.

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