Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pope - Same Dirty Habits as Always

According to today,  the pope is not happy about the Belgians raiding "the home and office of a retired archbishop and also the graves of two prelates" in their raids against pedophiles in the church. One of the pope's henchmen, Monsignor Andre-Joseph Leonard, expressed "his solidarity with all Belgian bishops "in this sad moment.""

What a crock.

Poor Pope... everyone seems to be upset with the fact that all of his employees like to have sex with kids. Why can't everyone just leave the Pope and his gang alone to have the fun that they want to have.

I didn't used to be a Catholic basher, even after all of the scandals broke. I guess I fell for the whole "individuals who are bad, not an institutional problem" line. Stupid thing to think apparently.


  1. Wow, remind me to get my eyes checked, I thought the photo of the Pope had Jalapeno peppers coming out of his I get it, devils horns.

  2. The director of the church committee whose office the police raided was a child psychiatrist !! Excerpt from today's New York Times story, "Pope Lashes Out at Belgian Raid on Church":

    The raid on Thursday came months after the Belgian church, stung by allegations of sexual abuse by clerics, created a committee to investigate claims.

    On Thursday, the police in Leuven, Belgium, also confiscated the case files of that committee and the computer of its director, a well-respected child psychiatrist.

  3. Thanks Trapellar, That wasn't mentioned in the Fox version of the story. Pretty galling!

    But then, many priests and pastors have doctorates in clinical psychology too, and earn their keep doing "therapy" on the side.

  4. VERY GOOD NEWS today from the US Supreme Court. They are allowing a US lawsuit to proceed against the Vatican for transferring a pedophile priest from parish to parish.

    This makes up for their tragic decision to overturn the one year window retroactive law for sex abuse victims in California for criminal cases. Because of Stogner v. California, hundreds of child molesters were set free from prisons and the first criminal investigation into Ayres in 2002-2003 had to end.

    This decision is a huge step in the right direction.