Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This Evening's News

[Original post: 05/04/10 07:00pm ]

According to Mercyneal over at the websleuths.com blog, one of the in-statute victims will not be testifying in the re-trial, assuming it ever takes place. Mercyneal is a known and reliable source, so this is certainly accurate information. According to Mercyneal the victim lost an important job when he was out to testify in the last trial, and he can not afford to take this risk again.

We wish him and his family the all the best while he focuses on moving forward with his life. This has been tough for all, and I'm sure a million times tougher for those who had the tenacity to stand and testify against the animal in the first place, and they all certainly deserve to be able to focus and heal.


  1. Carol Abrams and Barbara Ross appeared before the County Board of Supervisors last year just before Jerry Hill left, and requested that the Ayres commendation be rescinded. Of course, NOTHING HAPPENED!

  2. Yep, we knew about that. Recently, I posted a request for Rich Gordon's current position on the matter on his facebook page. (He nominated ayres in the first place.)

    My question was deleted and I was banned from posting on his page.

    A copy of my post is here:


    Not at all surprising really, they're all just a bunch of self-serving hypocrites.