Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Micheal Stogner - Candidate for San Mateo County Supervisor Speaks Out

[Original post: 05/04/10 08:22am ] 

Michael Stogner suggests rescinding  the "Lifetime Achievement Award" issued by San Mateo County to william hamilton ayres in 2002:

On April 28th, at the Moss Beach Candidate's Forum for San Mateo County Supervisor District 3, Micheal Stogner, one of the five candidates for County Supervisor in the June 8, 2010 election,  was asked what his first order of business would be when elected to office. Micheal Stogner's response was that he would make a motion to "Rescind the Life Time Achievement Award issued by San Mateo County to Dr. William Ayres."

There is no incumbent supervisor running for this particular seat, as it is being vacated by Rich Gordon who is moving on to other things. Ironically, it was Supervisor Rich Gordon who nominated ayres for the award in the first place. What a perfect way to close the door on Gordon's term!

Michael has been a stalwart supporter of the victims of william ayres for quite a long time, frequently attending hearings and last year's trial, and keeping citizens updated on the progress by posting on news boards. Indeed, Michael has a strong focus and interest in the San Mateo County workings, pushing for transparency and accountability.

When you're looking at your ballot, and you see Michael Stogner's name, check that box! He's been a compassionate and outspoken supporter of "the common man" and will work to make San Mateo County address its accountability issues!


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