Friday, April 30, 2010

More Information about ayres' Competency Evaluation

[Original post: 04/30/10 09:45am ]
One of our most alert readers has noted that there ARE some other articles out there in the press. They are not showing up in Google searches, but there are a couple of them if you dig.

Joshua Melvin has written a very good article with some interesting digging into what exactly caused the delay. His article is available on the Mercury News website. Apparently both McDougall's statement in court, and what we were told early in the day are BOTH correct. In fact, according to Joshua Melvin's article, there have been SEVERAL issues along the way, including the fact that the original doctors chosen to evaluate ayres included social and/or professional acquaintances of ayres, and another requested more time. They apparently had a tough time finding doctors who didn't know ayres. (Surprise.)

Also in the article, quotes from McKowan prepare us for the inevitable:
"If ayres is found incompetent[...] that could mean a stay at a state mental hospital, or either inpatient or outpatient treatment locally." (Judge's discretion)

Yep.. you got it.... Awww... let the old guy go... he doesn't have that many years left, and he probably might not molest that many more little boys.

Anyhow... Go read the article it was well done, and very appreciated.


  1. Looking occasionally at this site, it seems clear to me that at least in San Mateo, there is no real justice for ordinary people. If you have made a lot of money and created a network of influence, you get at least 3 get out of jail free cards and can prolong any true justice until it's too late. Sad, sad.

  2. So true anonymous, I never realized how Jerry Hill, Carole Groom and all these weak politicians including Wagstaffe just promoted those in their own inner circle. They have never cared about victims or real justice just their own position in this little Peyton Place of San Mateo County.

    Life Time Acheivement awards after accusations of molestation as far back as the 1960's....

    What a failure.