Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[Posted from the courthouse immediately after the hearing]:
Correction: according to McD's statement the reports were not in conflict. They just need more time. They have until June 10. Details later today


  1. Early on they sent ayres to somebody who knew him personally!

    You would think they court sytem would know all the players in this game.

    So a third doctor was hired mid evaluation and the courts were having difficulty finding someone ayres didn't know "personally".

  2. Well I DID wonder about the two different stories that we got.

    Where'd you get your info?
    (if you don't mind me asking...) I didn't see anything in the press, but they're not overly fond of printing details of the case; still I think they'd have added that if they new about it, so I suppose you probably have inside info, and you won't be able to tell...

  3. DS,

    It was in the San Mateo County Times this morning....buried but I found it.....