Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A sixth victim has just filed a molestation civil suit against Ayres. Case number: CIV492658. His lawyer is David Drivon of Sacramento.

The suit is so new that you won't find it listed on We will let you know when it is listed. [Update 3/18/2009 by DS: it is listed now, and the link is set up above. The court system is a bit buggy, and you may have to click the above link two or three times for the case to actually load. You can just type the case number in, and it should work too. Once you finally get that link to work, the multitude of others will also work just fine.]

Good luck to the victim in this latest suit, and to the remaining four who still have suits pending. Another victim settled a civil suit with Ayres for $395,000 in 2005.

And speaking of civil suits against pedophile doctors -- have the California civil lawyers checked to see whether any suits were filed against Ayres in Boston when he was at Children's Hospital from 1959 to 1963? We're asking because renowned pedophile pediatrician Dr. Mel Levine, who also worked at Children's Hospital in Boston had molestation complaints about him there. Although when the civil suits against Levine first came out, the top brass at Children's Hospital denied it. Then some enterprising lawyer determined that there had been complaints by victims about Levine over a period of twenty years. Some had filed civil suits against Levine. And one victim had even written a letter to the President of Children's Hospital about Levine to say that Levine had molested him. As a result of the lawyer's investigation, Children's Hospital was forced to retract its statements.

What we're dying to know: What's in those files about Ayres over at Boston Children's Hospital? Is anyone out there going to go through the courts to check?We are informed by a California civil lawyer that the civil lawyers in CA law firms can work with Massachusetts counsel for this sort of discovery process. Let's hope some enterprising lawyer will get to the bottom of this.

And if there are any Boston victims out there who are reading this, you can't go wrong with Boston lawyer Mitchell Garabedian, who has worked on more than 700 cases of child molestation involving pedophile priests.


  1. Yay for #5! I commend the previous four men for sticking with it. Can one sue an estate, not that Ayres will leave much of one? It's the principle at this point ...

  2. oopsie #6! Time change isn't working well for me, and coffee hasn't kicked in. No more writing for me for awhile!

  3. That was our mistake... I asked for a recount, to include the 2005 settlement against ayres on the same charges that everyone else is making.

    The original header said #5.

    Your caffeine drip is working just fine.

  4. It was my mistake, actually.

    The count is getting to be too high for me to keep track.

  5. The count is getting to be too high for me to keep track.

    Well, At least you got a good chuckle out of me today -- I love deadpan!