Thursday, February 25, 2010

Minor Update: New Feature

I have updated the blog to include a "Tab Bar" with links to a few "fixed" pages with some information about ayres, court dates, etc... The bar is just under the page header graphic above. Included are 4 pages:

"Home" - The main blog entry page (You're on the Home tab right now.)

"About william ayres" - some stuff about ayres. There's a small bit of new content here today.

"In ayres' Own Words" - some of the stuff that ayres said in his testimony. (As I recorded it. I'm going to add some content here in awhile.)

"ayres' Court Dates" - Information on all of the upcoming court dates. This used to be on the side bar, and I'm moving it here permanently. I just checked on upcoming dates today. No changes.

"Missed Trial Dates" - Information on the many rescheduled "Start of Trial dates." This also used to be on the side bar.

1 comment:

  1. The william ayres case is cited in an article about Dr. Earl Bradley, the monster pedophile pediatrician in Delaware who was recently charged with molesting 103 children.

    Story is in the Delaware Journal News: Delaware Crime: Dr. Earl Bradley Sex Crime Ignites Outrage"

    The Ayres case is mentioned on page 2: