Thursday, February 25, 2010

Minor Update: New Feature

I have updated the blog to include a "Tab Bar" with links to a few "fixed" pages with some information about ayres, court dates, etc... The bar is just under the page header graphic above. Included are 4 pages:

"Home" - The main blog entry page (You're on the Home tab right now.)

"About william ayres" - some stuff about ayres. There's a small bit of new content here today.

"In ayres' Own Words" - some of the stuff that ayres said in his testimony. (As I recorded it. I'm going to add some content here in awhile.)

"ayres' Court Dates" - Information on all of the upcoming court dates. This used to be on the side bar, and I'm moving it here permanently. I just checked on upcoming dates today. No changes.

"Missed Trial Dates" - Information on the many rescheduled "Start of Trial dates." This also used to be on the side bar.