Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ohio Pediatrician Gets 21-27 Years For Molesting Adolescent Boys

We've got two new William Hamilton Ayres stories in the works, and they'll be ready within the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, we thought some victims in the Ayres case might be encouraged by the news that Ohio pediatrician Dr. Mark Blankenburg - whom we first wrote about in October - was just sentenced to 21-27 years for his sex crimes against his adolescent boy patients.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Judge Keith Spaeth had some harsh words for the disgraced doctor:

Spaeth said Blankenburg was sexually fixated on adolescent boys, and the doctor acted upon his urges repeatedly, with no appreciation of the wrongfulness of his actions. The victims suffered serious harm, Spaeth said.“Their lives are a wreck,” the judge said.

In the Enquirer story, a forensic psychologist who evaluated Blankenburg says that "he seems “oblivious” to the seriousness of his offenses and the consequences...

Some nuggets from the nine page report on Mark Blankenburg by forensic psychologist Bobbie Hopes :

-“His own sexual and emotional maturity does not appear to have progressed past adolescence, despite his superior intellect and professional success.”

Blankenburg said he never forced anyone to have sex, the report says. And, “he professed that each time he was involved with an adolescent male, he was in love with them and believed or hoped that they were in love with him,” Hopes wrote. Blankenburg told the psychologist, " I always hoped for love."

- The doctor’s “emotional neediness and immaturity,” coupled with narcissism, “may partially explain why he chose to have relationships with much younger men from such unstable backgrounds,” the report said.

Blankenburg showed no signs of being a psychopath or being mentally ill, the psychologist said, but he did behave inappropriately during the evaluation. “He was unusually happy and seemed oblivious to his current legal circumstances and incarceration. He chuckled and laughed aloud at times, and he scoffed at his charges and (at) the thought that anyone would believe what others said about him during his trial,” Hopes’ report says. She also described Blankenburg as arrogant and condescending.

Hmmm, that line "seemed oblivious to his current legal circumstances" might strike a chord with those who attended the Ayres trial in July, when Ayres and his wife often acted as if they were at a party. Case in point: William Ayres' inappropriate and bizarre "Isn't it a lovely day"comments to the parents of victims; his cheery waving to parents of victims; Solveig's greeting visitors with a big smile and hug to the courtroom as if they were guests at a wedding.

And come to think of it, the words "arrogant and condescending" have also been used in conjunction with Ayres by those who knew him - especially if they were low on the food chain, like the secretaries at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, or probation officers at Hillcrest- you know, the people who weren't in a position to give him access to boys.

As for Mark Blankenburg, it's not over yet. He still faces trial on a dozen child pornography cases.

And as for Scott Blankenburg, Mark's identical twin pediatrician brother, he's under house arrest and his movements are electronically monitored as he awaits trial in April on sex, drug, money and pornography charges involving minors.

Cincinnati Enquirer story, "Doctor Gets 21-27 Years For Sex Crimes" here:
Our Original October 2009 post on the pedophile Blankenburg twins here:


This just in: The attorney for Mark Blankenburg's identical twin, pediatrician Dr. Scott Blankenburg - who was slated to go on trial this April for molesting adolescent male patients- has just announced that his client will plead guilty to the charges.

Wise move!

Story here in the Dayton Daily News:


  1. Wow, at the trial Ayres kept trying to suggest that he was a pediatrician as well,which is of course nonsense. He is not and has never been a board certified pediatrician and has only had one year training in pediatrics.

    He was somehow trying to make people think he was a pediatrician too, as if that would make his criminal "physical exams" legit.
    But now pediatricians like the Blankenburg twins and Dr. Earl Bradley are being criminally charged too.

    Ayres has painted himself into a very tight corner.

    I believe that if the Boston Police determine that Ayres was fired from Judge Baker for molesting boys in the 1960s, Ayres will plead guilty to the California case.

  2. I was just reading an article which has a strange relationship to these abuse cases, as it is another thread of physicians abusing patients in a terribly destructive manner.

    This is not sex abuse but a psychiatrist prescribing and then using and taking hydrocodone he prescribed to a patient who came to him for her attempt to get off a heroin addiction. Article is in Willamette Week, called, "A Taste of his Own Medicine."

    Patient got 400,000 award from the jury, I think the doc should have gone to jail as well.

    Keep up the good work, awareness and vigilance is so important. The internet is a great tool!