Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baltimore County State's Attorney's Office Studies Ayres Case as it Weighs Decision To Prosecute Dr. Frontera

We just spoke with Jason League, Chief of the Child Abuse Sex Offense Division of the Baltimore County State's Attorney's Office in Maryland to ask him for updates on the Dr. Miguel Frontera case. As we have pointed out, there are some strong similarities between the child molestation cases of William Ayres and Miguel Frontera.

Although Frontera has not yet been criminally charged, League said he has indeed been looking at all of the new details that have been provided about Frontera's activities from his former patients since news stories first appeared about Frontera appeared in November. Additionally, League told us he has been "studying" San Mateo's William Ayres child molestation case in his effort to make a decision about whether to prosecute Frontera

We hope ultimately League's office will decide to prosecute Frontera. After all, the Maryland Board of Physicians has already determined that Frontera had engaged in"sexual misconduct" with his young boy patients.

And by the way -- League told us that there's no statute of limitation for child molestation victims in the state of Maryland. If that had been the case in California, Ayres would have been arrested a whole lot sooner!!

UPDATE: January 8, 2010 : Meredith Cohn, a reporter from the Baltimore Sun told us that several new victims of Frontera contacted her after her story came out. Let's hope these new victims contact Jason League at the Baltimore County State's Attorney's office.

Meanwhile, we found a photo of Dr. Frontera on Facebook-- with two boys on his lap!


  1. Ugh. Wonder if those boys are Frontera's little patients?

    Does anyone know if Ayres and Frontera have ever crossed paths?

  2. In other news, identical twin pediatrician Dr. Mark Blankenburg was sentenced to 21 to 27 years for molesting adolescent boy patients in Ohio:

  3. Why is it that we cannot see a picture of Miguel Frontera anywhere??

  4. Anonymous @October 1, 2012:

    Thanks for your interest. This blog is primarily about child molester william hamilton ayres. Occasionally we comment on other cases in the news, but don't necessarily do full coverage.

    You'll note that the article links to Frontera's Facebook page which has a photo of him. Also a google search for "Miguel Frontera M.D." (Then click "Images" under "Search" on the left side of the google results page) brings a thumbnail photo on the "Psychiatric News" blog.

    There may be other photos out there. Hope this is helpful!