Monday, October 5, 2009

Is Senator Leland Yee a Lemon?

On March 9th, and again on April 10th, A copy of the letter associated with this post  regarding the initiation of new legislation regarding the "peer review" of medical professionals was sent to Senator Leland Yee -- who is a Ph.D, no less...

WRITE A LETTER! Officials will listen, especially if they are local
leaders. That's what I used to think --------

Here's the response (Click the image for full size!):


  1. The "budget" is important, but in this case it is not why I wrote to Senator Leland Yee.

    Five months of waiting and I get an erroneous response.

    Dated September 11, 2009 no less.

    Very disappointing to say the least!

  2. I have to admit that when I first read this reply, I nearly choked laughing. But then it begins to fester doesn't it?

    It seems that the tax dollar buys less and less every year.

  3. Budget cuts, no reading glasses allowed in the Senate!

  4. Too bad that suggested legislation was not in place years ago.

    Will probably never happen with Leland. He's too busy NOT building offshore oil rigs to do any important legislation.

  5. Another case why State Regulated Agencies are no good:

    Case a dentist in San Jose was performing breast exams!

    Quote: "The California Attorney General's Office has represented the Dental Board of California in its efforts to have the court temporarily suspend Lazar's license. In April, the dental board tried unsuccessfully to have Lazar's license suspended. Instead, the court imposed restrictions upon Lazar, requiring him to have a female chaperon present whenever he treated or examined a female patient."

    So the agencies that are supposed to protect people think it's ok for a DENTIST to examine breasts as long as he has a chaperone!

    Does anybody in government see a problem with this?

  6. From Wiki Bio:

    Allegations of shoplifting and prostitution

    On December 19, 1992 Leland Yee was spotted walking out of a KTA Superstore in Hawaii County with a small bottle of "Tropical Blend Tan Magnifier oil" in his front short pocket.[5]

    He was subsequently stopped by a store security officer who summoned the local police. Yee was booked on suspicion of petty misdemeanor shoplifting but the case was closed in 1993 without prejudice.

    Yee has also been pulled over by SFPD three times under the suspicion that he was cruising for prostitutes in the Mission District of San Francisco. All three times, he was questioned by police and let go with no charges filed.[6]