Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Avast! Thar be a blog makeover!

In honour of  the upcomin' merry hour: Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th, we be givin' the blog the 'ole heave to!

What's all this got to do with Pirates ye ask?
Have I lived this many years, and a son of a rum puncheon cock his hat athwart my hawse at the latter end of it?


Hope ye like the new looks matey.
By the way, I fixed a bunch of old expired links on the right side toolbar. Very sad that the articles in the newspapers have long since gone to archive, and there's still no resolution.


  1. I noticed thy change even with me eye patch on matey......

    I was goin to change me style once but got scared I would lose me formatting!

    I rather walk off me plank than beat me head on the ship for losing me stuff...

    ayy eye time for pirates whiskey...

    again that is.....yurp

  2. Aye! Given’ the blog the heave-to warnt a thing of ease, matey!

    Ere I mades me more than a lubber’s change to me Cascading Style Sheets, I smartly mades demands on the data storage casks lest me code be irreparably swarmed by bilge rats! ‘Twarnt of ease, even with the minor keel haul!

    Avast! Sets ye up a dummy blog and scrape yer barnacles there afore ye makes a permanent heave-to!

  3. Me will be skippin that....for fear of datas obliteratus.

    But I do like yer new style.

    I wonder if it wer a pirate who hijacked The San Mateo Watchdog!

    What is the ransom for da dog?