Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Judge Baker-Trained Psychiatrist: Ayres' Claims That He Was Trained To Do "Physicals" is " A Dodge That Other Shrinks Who Are Molesting Kids Use"

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We just got off the phone with Gordon P. Harper MD, a child psychiatrist in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Dr. Harper graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1969. He
did his residency at Judge Baker Children's Center in the early 1970's.

He told us flat out that he was never trained at Judge Baker to give "physicals" to children in therapy. In fact, he said, "In my Judge Baker training, we didn't even do a neurological exam on children."

Dr. Harper says he has never known of any child psychiatrist who was trained to give regular physicals exams to children in therapy. He told us he's heard of other child psychiatrists who've molested kids who have used Ayres' line about being "trained" to give physicals to kids . "It's a dodge that other child psychiatrists use who are molesting children."

Thanks for the information, Dr. Harper.


  1. What Ayres must be thinking at this point:

    "All right, then, I'll go to hell. - Mark Twain -

    By all means, please do........

  2. It appears that the only 2 people who were "trained" to give physicals at Judge Baker were Donald Lee Rife- busted in three states for molesting young boys -- and Ayres.

  3. Now that Dr. Harper has refuted Ayres, will Ayres soon be calling Harper a "Scientologist?"

    That's been Ayres' MO. Any shrink or person who is against him, he calls a Scientologist.

  4. Let's hope the DA's office calls Dr. Mel Brown, Ayres' former partner, to testify.

    Brown also trained at Judge Baker in the early 1960s.

    He's no fan of Ayres, that's for sure. One would think he would be happy to testify for the prosecution that he was never trained to give physicals at Judge Baker.

  5. I wonder why the prosecution did not follow up on this fact more thoroughly in the first trial. I am not sure they had prepared thoroughly enough? But then to be fair, perhaps these facts have only come out after testimony. I hope they can be used in the second trial.

  6. The San Mateo Police Department has had the names of four child psychiatrists who trained with Ayres since November 2006. The source who turned over this information to the police had already spoken to these four doctors and they all said that they had never been trained to give physical exams to kids in therapy. They all said they had never done a medical exam on a child in therapy. Above all, they found Ayres' assertion that they had been trained to do so to be ludicrous.

    The above information was also turned over to the San Mateo District Attornye's office in November 2006.