Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week 4 - Weekend Wrap

My thanks to blogger Trapellar all week here on this blog, and to The Patient Advocate at the Mills-Peninsula Health Services Lawsuit Watch blog, and to CaliGirl9 on the Trials & Tribulations Blog, and to the many parents and victims present who contributed, for their excellent and comprehensive coverage of the events in court this past week for the ayres trial.

I’d also like to point out that there is an interesting article in the San Mateo County Times Friday Night / Saturday Morning edition. Here are some excerpts from that article:

The trial of San Mateo's most notorious child psychiatrist is swirling with a bit of behind-the-scenes controversy.

The scandal, however, has apparently simmered down in the eyes of the general public. For the most part, recent news coverage has been limited to a local reporter or two taking notes in a near-empty courtroom.

Now that the twice-delayed trial of the doctor accused of playing doctor is finally underway, however, the one person who wants to see it all go down more than anyone has been banished from the daily proceedings.

With Balfour out of the picture, Judge Freeman's courtroom has been held down by a mix of curious law students, parents of former patients and bloggers who have taken an interest in the trial for one reason or another.

We've heard one of the moderators on this blog is one of Ayres' alleged out-of-statute victims, but various gadflies contribute as they can. They tend to get carried away in swarming local online forums to bash Ayres — so carried away, in fact, that we hear they got a forum shut down.

Overall, I think a good article, it makes some good points, and is not overly “neutral” in it’s language. It does get a few things a bit wrong, I have posted a couple of corrections and additional input in comments to the article over there, as has Michael Stogner. If you go over to read the article, please also read the comments, they're pretty important clarifications, especially Michael Stogner's.

I didn’t bother to point out the most glaring, and commonly repeated error: The trial has been delayed FIVE times, not two times. Isn’t it about time that the press gets that simple error corrected for good??


  1. One of the reasons that the press coverage has dwindled is that it took so long to get to trial. Another reason is that the papers have had to let go of so many reporters. Michael Manekin the original reporter on the story has a hand injury and can't type on a computer. Liz Pfeffer is only a part time reporter.

    The newspaper industry is dying. I believe that Judge Freeman erred by not allowing cameras into the courtroom, which would have generated more interest.

  2. The fact that the paper called everyone a gadfly, or plural gadflies! Oh my, as I see it, we were just some folks having a discussion!

    I am pretty sure it should have been just one singular gadfly.

    Definition: Nuisance

    I gotta admit I do miss the forum.

    But the one gadfly, is not even thinking in his right mind and it doesn't make sense to take the time to read what he is serving up!

    Leaving anything up to GOD as he worded it for Ayres.....I have one comment on that if it had been left up to GOD there would not be victims taking the stand today. Innocent children would not have been violated by a pedophile.

    So GOD doesn't always have control over everything.

    But blog moderators do have control over their content.

  3. Cameras were barred to protect the identity of the victims. Hardly an error. Protecting their privacy is paramount to what people believe is an appropriate amount of press coverage. As it is, irresponsible members of the press have printed enough information about the victims, including some of their unique first names and types of employment. THE ONLY people that need to be informed of the facts of this case are the jury.

  4. Anonymous: I copied your posting about cameras being barred to today's latest comments, and posted a reply.

    On an unrelated note, I'm closing this post for comments, strictly to ease monitoring, as always, feel free to post on any/all topics on the more recent postings.