Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Warning: An Investigator for Ayres may be calling people to pump them for information

One of our readers just got a call from a man claiming to be the father of two victims who won't go to the police. This "father" refused to give our reader his name or contact information. He claims not to know his way around the computer, but somehow found our reader via the internet and by reading this person's blogs on the internet. This reader is someone who posts under his real name, so this so-called "father" of a victim would have had an easier time tracking him down.

The man was fishing for any information from our reader on the case and asked questions about potential witnesses... He always says he travels a lot and is hard to reach. Won't give you his work phone number because he says he can't talk about the Ayres case at work (but strangely he tells people he is making these calls from his office.)

We would have given this person the benefit of the doubt had not other people received the same call from this same man in the last two years. Won't give out contact info, lies about how he gets your contact info and although he promises to call back or email, he does not.

We strongly suspect that this man is an investigator working for Ayres' lawyer. If this man makes a cold call to you out of the blue and says he is the father of a victim or is a friend of the victim but the victim won't come forward and says he is looking for information on the case and yet he refuses to give out contact information, do not talk to him. If he gets cagey when you ask for contact information ( on caller ID the number always shows up as a private number) do not talk to him. Get off the phone quick.

This sort of thing is more likely to happen if you are posting under your real name. Those who are posting anonymously here and under other handles elsewhere should be safe from this creep.


  1. This sounds scary as hell for the person who gets the call. Weinberg must be desperate.

  2. Yeah, I got a very similar call from a "parent" of two victims who claimed to be computer illiterate.Yet somehow he tracked down at my new work number- a number that not even my friends had yet. He wouldn't give out his contact info or say how he got my new work number. When I said that I thought he was an investigator working for Ayres' lawyer, he hung up on me.

    No parent of a victim would ever do that.


  3. No kidding scary, I have an unlisted number and for that I am thankful.

  4. Whiney must be very, very desperate.

  5. Thanks for posting this. Since he probably reads this blog, I bet it's the last we hear from him.

  6. I always say if someone wants information but is not willing to give information back...go, deaf, dumb and mute.

  7. Deep Sounding:

    I like that picture of Hell in your montage. My favorite depiction of Hell is from Jan van Eyck's "The Last judgement"

  8. Radar, radar, Jane Doe spotted the Schwein's Honda for the first time tonight since receiving positive id on vehicle. Yes it is a Honda, tonight heading north on California Drive at approximately 5:04 pm. The driver of said Honda was not Billy or Svea, but appeared to be son Bobert, tall, dark somewhat curly hair.

    The vehicle made a sharp left onto Peninsula Avenue headed to the freeway on-ramp.

    Not able to get positive id on any passengers, however no walker rack on back.

    Jane Doe identifies paint color to be Honda's Urban Titanium Metallic, not quite silver but a mix of bronze and silver.

    That is more information than any PI will get....

  9. You go Jane Doe !!!!

    Maybe Ayres' investigator can hire you. Seems like you could do a better job than their own investigators who are not very good at play acting as distraught "parents" of victims.

    Great job.

  10. I sort of feel sorry for their son. Perhaps Weinberg asked Robert to come down from Chicago to give the impression that this is a happy family. I am sure Robert is just as troubled by this.

    Where is their daughter in all this? Does she even speak to her parents? What does she think about the allegations?