Monday, June 1, 2009

Trial Day Arrives: 8:30am Today

Updates for today will post below:


  1. A tear in the aorta is potentially life threatening from what I understand. O geez, what next, webcam testimony from a hospital bed.

    I have never heard of ANYBODY getting treatment for a tear in the aorta, except by surgical means.

    John Ritter died of this as well as the guy who did the big play "Rent"........

    If this is called a 977, I guess Ayres will pulling a bunch of these out of his ****

    rabbit hat of tricks

  2. William Ayres, In an Iron Lung, with catheter and colostomy bag, artificial heart, and blood scrubber, appearing at trial on webcam monitor, speaking through American Sign Language Interpreter, looking into Iron Lung's mirror, over satellite bounced connection using location scramblers to protect the location of his specialized hospital for "these kinds of diseases" somewhere in Qatar.

    Tutu is expanded even more, and wrapped around the Iron Lung.

    Rollerskates no longer needed as the Iron Lung has castor weels.

    Party hat, and noisemakers for all.

    And his cane and walker bronzed, and on a trophy display shelf just behind him.

    Jesus... why doesn't he just plead guilty and have done with the Shenanigans.

  3. Maybe he would rather Doron Weinberg receive over a million dollars to defend him than leave it to his Gleeclub, calm yourself down, there is a provision for you to get bus fare!