Monday, June 29, 2009

San Mateo Daily Journal Forum Back in Business

GOOD NEWS ! The San Mateo Daily Journal Forum is up and running again.

The original thread started by Michael Stogner in 2007 --
has been closed, but there's no reason why Ayres trial watchers cannot start a new thread.

Looking forward to seeing all of you over there too. 

We may be biased. but we think we are offering the best coverage on Ayres, so please keep checking in here too. 


  1. Don't worry. Your blog is the first place we always go to for coverage.

  2. Your latest posts are awesome!

  3. A thoughtful citizen has just started a new Ayres thread over at the Daily Journal.

  4. Alas, I was headed back from lunch and I heard a buzzing in the sky, I glanced up and saw the gadflies in a swarm racing back to the forum, one gadfly was wearing peacock blue, the other gadfly had a walker.......

    Yes, gadflies unite, if your fingers or wings or feeties, I am not sure what a gadfly has...but what ever it is you type with, go for it.......

  5. Ok Deep Sounding!

    Great Montage, what I like about them is they are getting like a mystery solve thing.

    Most everything I get, but the car newspaper.... is that an ad from Mike Harvey Honda, the civic model?

    The rubics cube, never in my life solved one of this case a puzzle to be solved?

    More McBride book photos, well that will inflame one gadfly!

    Solveig in her cheap lipstick.

    Oh now I have to go look at it again!

  6. Hi Deep Sounding,

    Very good montage. I just figured out the car thing.

    Of course since I like the cars, and i know Ayres used to have an Infiniti G20, then traded up for his burgundy 5 series BMW, then he got a Honda Civic. I of course was thinking it was a car ad.

    I just looked again and bingo, those are toy car models that Ayres bought at the infamous Talbot's toy store in San Mateo!

    OMG, very good.

    Now what about the cube?

  7. Cube in Montage:

    Twist to--------5

    How many model cars from Talbot's have that on the front?