Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ruling on Pedophile Photo Collection TODAY - Jury Seated!

The ruling on whether or not the jury will get to see ayres' collection of sexually charged photos of boys aged 5ish to 16ish years old, in various stages of undress from the process of stripping for the camera through full frontal nudity, should be made in court today.

The jury selection was apparently finished yesterday, 12 jurors sworn, with 4 alternates.

Trial is expected to proceed with opening statements on Tuesday.

There is an article about all of this in the San Mateo Daily Journal. It's not very well written though. It does contain the long awaited info about where we really are in the jury selection process, but it calls the photos "textbooks depicting nude boys." Far from accurate, far from objective. Let's face it everyone: There is no reasonable argument that these are "textbooks."


  1. No kidding on the reasonable argument on the "textbooks" blogosphere lit up like a Christmas tree!

    Some people wanted to hide even the URL to find the photo book by McBride......maybe we can send that person a set of blinders.

    I hope the ruling is to admit the books.

    Glad to hear the case is moving forward!

  2. Don't ever count on the Daily Journal for accurate news. The mistakes they've made on this story for the last two years are too numerous to count. Normally for stories they just talk to police and never to the other side. Don't know where they got the word" textbook" from though.

  3. I think they used the word in court as well. Not sure who used it though. A more correct "neutral" word might be "hardcover book."

    Frankly I think "Textbook" is actually biased in the wrong direction, to be used ONLY by those titillated with such content, as a method of subterfuge.

  4. Wow, I just noticed the montage, love the skeleton at the it photoshop. I have been wanting a new program.....

  5. Geez, if those books are textbooks, I went to the wrong schools!

    Those books are either "photography of the human body as art" books, or plain porn. Depends on who owns 'em, where they are kept, and how they are used.

    Hoping the judge sees it my way and gives the jury the opportunity to decide for themselves.

  6. Michael Stogner has a post over at at the San Mateo Daily Journal that the books will not be admitted as evidence during the trial!

  7. Montage background is Hell from Jan van Eyck's "The Last judgement" as pointed out by an anonymous poster. Previous montage background was an illustration of Hell by Herrad von Landsberg (about 1180)

    A few things hidden in todays montage, one in particular blends pretty well. Some of us will see it right away, others may not notice it.

    Yes.. Photoshop was used, but nothing overly complex.

  8. I see it now...a portion of the old building at 215 N. San Mateo Drive.

    That is shows how good some of us are, maybe I better go see the eye doctor.....