Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson... Not dead enough.

By now everyone in the known universe knows that Michael Jackson is dead.

The press is actually saying that this event is as significant as the death of JFK. (Heard it on Fox News, of all places.) They’ve been showing “Highlights” of his life nonstop. I finally after 2 days began to hear mention of his out of court settlement for molestation, and his lengthy trial for more of the same, but the report was cut short to review the arrival of Janet at the estate.

All of this pomp and circumstance will make it that much more difficult for the victims of his molestation to get past the feelings of guilt that they are somehow responsible for his actions, much the way that the kudos ayres recieved from San Mateo County, and the public support given by some other bay area shrinks and judges have made things more difficult for ayres' victims. (I thought these jerks were supposed to HELP people, not HURT them!)

I’ve been thinking a lot about Jackson's victims these last few days; please take a moment to do the same.


  1. Here, here Deep Sounding ! I too have been nauseated by the glowing accolades about Jackson. The perv had the same nude boy books that Ayres had. He bribed his victims; played the same games with them that Ayres did, and now he's a saint.

    Just as I can never think of James Brown''s history of domestic violence when I hear "It's a Man's World," Jackson's music is tainted to me forever because of the boys he's harmed.

  2. I agree, I was deeply saddened by the lose of Farrah Fawcett who died hours earlier and barely got any of the coverage of the gloved one (won't use his name)!

    By Farrah putting her story out she proved several amazing things.

    She promoted awareness of cancer and that certain types (hers accounted for only 6% of all cancers) need more research.

    During her illness she helped put a UCLA woman behind bars for selling private personal medical information obtained from her medical records. Thus, a victory for all patients.

    The other person who died, was likely addicted to Oxycontin, had a so called doctor who dumped his BMW and ran, is in debt over $400 million dollars because he had legal bills to pay because he was a pedophile.

    Not close to other icons!

    I switch to the cooking channel and will boycott all the coverage taking place tonight on CNN.

    I was also upset to get in my car and Sirius radio had him playing on my station THE BLEND which has barely ever played a song by him!

    Stop the madness, he wanted to share his bed with kids.

    The only difference between him and Ayres is he had a chimp named "Bubbles" and Ayres has "Solveig".

  3. I too have been thinking of the gloved one and this disgraced doctor as one and the same. Both master manipulators of the system and of beautiful innocent young boys. There has to be a special place in hell for the likes of them both.

  4. Ayres and the other have this is common:

    They both rent their homes due to their fancy for boys.

    Something dissimilar:

    One wears gloves the other one doesn't.