Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Interview - Balfour on Justice Interrupted

Los Angeles, CA, Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 8:00p.m. PST, 11:00p.m. EST— Justice Interrupted Blogtalk Radio show, with hosts Robin Sax and Stacy Dittrich, has a terrific line-up of legal eagles and journalists will join us TONIGHT, Tuesday, June 30 for Justice Interrupted Radio. Journalist Victoria Balfour will be discussing her own case of justice interrupted when she single-handedly brought a child molesting doctor, Dr. William H. Ayres, to the attention of law enforcement, only to be banned from the courtroom during his trial! Wendy Murphy will also join the program tonight. Wendy is an ex-prosecutor who specialized in child abuse and sex crimes cases. The first lawyer in the country to run a program to provide free legal services to crime victims, Wendy has been fighting for victims' rights for twenty years.

Also joining us, famed defense attorney, Mickey Sherman, who is a frequent commentator on MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, and CNN. Mickey Sherman also represented Michael Skakel during his murder trial. Mickey will discuss the case of Dr. Ayres, as well as any potential defense in the Michael Jackson case should any of the doctors who supplied MJ with prescription drugs be criminally charged in the future. Mickey Sherman is the author of, "How Can You Defend Those People?" in bookstores and online now.

Justice Interrupted


  1. Sounds like a great lineup. I will be very interested to hear what Mickey Sherman has to say about the Ayres case. Wonder if he's even heard of it before this.

  2. That was a great interview? Anyone hear what Mickey Sherman the defense attorney had to say about the prosecutor and Weinberg conspiring to keep Balfour out ? He called it "chicken shit!"

  3. Right on point, it is the fear of the whole case.

    Weinberg does not want to lose again.

    McKowan does not want to let the victims and families down.

    The DA already knows they have made many mistakes over MANY years.

    The sum of all these things make them want to put a hush on journalists.

    Not to mention that a journalist brought the case to the front door!

    I never considered how scared all these people are.

    The victims have to get up and testify which is horrible for them.

    I think this case gives fear to the parents out there about who to trust.

    I think when I listened to that word fear, I can just relate to why Victoria Balfour was the sum of all fear.

    Take the blinders off.

    I support all the victims and families who have had the courage to go through this awful process.

    Great show and I believe they stayed focused on the Ayres case for quite awhile......a lot of awareness!

  4. They all apparently drop the "f" bomb.....that was lol, I didn' t know you could say that on radio.

    I guess the FCC doesn't have time to patrol.......

  5. Anonymous said:

    I didn' t know you could say that on radio.

    It's not the radio; it's the internets! You can say whatever you want on the internets. See:

    That ayres is a fargin bastage ice-hole. Someone should put his bells in a sling! I can't believe his somanumbatching corksucker wife still stands by his side!


  6. DS, you are holding back. *wink*

    Your feelings are perfectly understandable.

  7. DS,

    Is you tryin to implin I is from da appalcian areas whein we ain't got no tec stuffs.

    I an't never heard suchs talkin whilst I walk my mule around....

    My mule dus drop a biggin "f" bom tho from times to time....

    I totally doo understn what u yus said tho and I 100 percents agree bout Ayres and what u meaning.

  8. Victoria Balfour is back in court!