Thursday, June 18, 2009


From Michael Stogner, posted at the the smdailyjournal forums:

Books not allowed

The Defense motion to suppress the three books that were found by the San Mateo Police Department in the file cabinets of Dr. William Ayres this last month, has been granted.The books are not in the trial.

12:20pm Update: Story in the San Mateo County Times is NO LONGER available:
5/31/2010 Update: here's a another link about the books being disallowed: San Mateo Daily Journal.

Defense attorney Doron Weinberg praised the judge's decision.
"We don't think that they would have made a significant difference in the case," Weinberg said. "The evidence wasn't relevant or critical, but we believe the court ruled correctly."

Thank God Judge Freeman has someone intelligent there to tell her how to do her job!

Friday, June 19th Update: New story in the San Mateo Daily Journal, States that 6 alternates were selected, and one juror already replaced.


  1. Well we know what to send Judge Freeman for Christmas. A nice new copy of the Coming of Age!

    It is a lousy ruling. Those books should have been allowed in!

    I will wait and see what she based her ruling on!

  2. If it's any solace, the sex books were allowed in the Michael Jackson case and the prosecution lost the case.

  3. I have a feeling Judge Freeman looked at the books and knew the case would be over if those books were admitted.

    Those porno books would have landed Ayres in prison so fast.

    To me they are child porn. That is my opinion.

  4. If the books are not allowed perhaps they can be returned to the perv so he can have something to read during breaks and the lunch hour of his trial.

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  6. We also have confirmation via the San Mateo County Times report that Robert, ayres' son, is indeed the other man sitting with ayres and Solveig.

    I had previously considered Robert off limits, as he has not, to the best of our knowledge, publicly supported ayres in the past.

    MY motion to supress is now dismissed.

  7. Not relevant! BS!

    Thanks Judge Free - Man!

    Free man since 2007. Free man walking around today......barely, but with a walker, fake walker!

  8. We have heard that the witness list has been sealed.

  9. Where's the daughter, Barbara Ayres? Does she even have any kind of relationship with her parents?

    What on earth does Solveig think about these nudie photos of boys? What does Robert think? Do they have Stockholm Syndrome?

  10. The news article makes me sick saying the trio was elated.

    Solveig, Robert and Ayres are the trio.

  11. If the books weren't significant, then how come Weinberg fought to keep them out?

  12. I can't find anything about Ayres, Solveig and Robert being elated.

    Can you post that portion?

    What kind of sick family is elated that Ayres has possession of these sick photos? Is Solveig perverted too? And where is the daughter in all this? What does she think?

    Sure sounds like a messed up family to me.

  13. Yeah, if they weren't significant how come the TRIO was elated?

    I noticed the 666 on your montage!

  14. The part about the trio being elated is on the link on Deep Sounding's blog for today. The article from the San Mateo Times that notes it is for sure BOBERT.

  15. It says this:

    Ayres received the news in court with his wife Solveig and son Robert sitting behind him, his only supporters in attendance. The trio were clearly elated.

  16. According to the Associated Press, Robert Ayres was arrested while a student at Brown University for some sort of student protest. He's quoted as saying that he was "going to be hassling" corporate America for years to come.

    Odd priorities this chap has. His father was part of the establishment AND a pedophile, and yet he still defends him.

  17. Where there is smoke there is fire, even the offspring was arrested, and they say that isn't usually inherited.

    Chip off the old block, maybe that's the big secret the books belonged to Robert, when he visited Ayres he asked for those instead of a coloring book.

  18. We know there's something really off about Solveig. But if my dad had sexually provocative nude photos of boys in his files, I would never speak to my father again.

    What kind of sick family is this? Don't they realize there's something terribly wrong with them?

    Maybe GleeClub will tell us where daughter Barbara is these days and what she thinks about all of this.

  19. Well is it possible that son Robert sees nothing wrong in his father molesting boys? Robert was married for about three years... got divorced in Chicago. What's his social life like now, one wonders? Does he like these kinds of books too?

    Solveig told someone on the Daily Journal Forum to leave her children out of this. Sorry, if the son(born 1963) shows up in court to defend his perv of a father, the gloves are off.

  20. To anonymous, June 18, 2:26 pm

    Thanks for the tip about Robert Ayres at Brown.

    Here's what I found from the Brown Alumni Magazine from the March / April 1998 Issue:

    Robert Ayres, after several years administering programs for artists at the Massachusetts Cultural Council, has moved with his wife of two years, Samantha Barthelemy Ayres, to Chicago, where he is working toward a master's in theater.


    Robert and Samantha divorced after only a few years of marriage. Last year he directed a play in Chicago about an arrogant doctor .

    Wonder what Samantha Barthelemy thinks about her former father-in-law? Did she suspect anything?

  21. Samantha Barthelemy Ayres was born 4-24-1970. A bit younger than Robert. Very short marriage, things must have been rocky from the start....

  22. A courtroom spectator observed that the good doctor was ordering and bossing Robert around. Ugh.

  23. Hey, I like the Jan Van Eyck touch.

  24. Article is the San Mateo Journal say this:

    Opening statements in Ayres’ long-awaited trial are scheduled for Tuesday morning. Twelve jurors and six alternatives were secured this week. At least one of the primary jurors will be replaced after alerting the court she spoke with her spiritual advisor and no longer thinks she can hand down a judgment on another person.

    Sounds like a juror rethought this case..........OMG great excuse, glad the person checked out!

  25. That must have been a juror Weinberg picked, spiritual advisor said I see dark man with 666 on his head, skeleton looming down.....he will come back to haunt you!

  26. Anonymous said:

    [...] spiritual advisor said I see dark man with 666 on his head, skeleton looming down....


    Not a GREAT spiritual advisor though: you'd think he/she would have ALSO pointed out that he was accompanied by a desperate to please son trying to "learn the ropes," and a piggish looking woman with glaring red lipstick making peculiar snorting and oinking noises, as she groveled around with her snout up the beast's ass. Oh... and also he was surrounded by photos of nude male children.

    Yeah... I think I'd be seeking "spiritual advice" if I were a juror too...

  27. I wonder if they're going to be providing trauma counciling for the jurors after the trial is over with?

    On second thought, what juror would want counciling after this?

  28. I thought as a juror you were not supposed to talk to anyone about the trial?

    So the juror talked to a spiritual advisor, who was it Nancy Reagan?

    or was it 1-800-La-Toya-Jackson?

    Doesn't sound like they give very good jury instructions.

  29. What happens if they run out of alternate jurors and there aren't enough jurors? Would that be a mistrial?

  30. It is possible that could happen, but with the money Ayres is paying Weinberg, I doubt he would want to put on another start from ground zero defense.

    $$$$$ cash supply dwindling......

  31. Ok so here is a little scenario for you……

    Robert Ayres is in town. Now I am not sure if he is employed back in Chicago, but let’s just assume that since he is the son of a distinguished alleged child molester that he is.

    So, mumsy calls, (ring…ring) says oh dear, your father is heading to trial and we are pretty sure they will find his pedophile books……oh heavens, do you think young Bobby that you can come sit in the court room pew so that your father won’t look so much like a pedophile. Mumsy knows this is a lot to ask.

    So Robert agrees, but he’s not so sure how his boss will take the news that he needs some time off.

    Robert goes to see the dreaded Boss Man, he says uhm, well, I have a situation me mum called and wants me to attend the trial of my father. The trial is going be underway just a few days after Father’s Day. Do you think Mr. Boss Man that I might get a little time off?

    Mr. Boss Man says, well how much time and what is it your father is on trial for Bobby?

    Robert says, well, they say he’s been molesting boys for as long as I was born. He’s had a lot of accusations and the police were alerted in 1987, I was just a lad then, so I know it sounds strange, but I knew some day I would need some time off. He was arrested in 2007, but our family has been piling up the dough on the lawyers, they sold my boyhood home, our bank account is getting as dry as a Hindu’s jock strap, but we’ve got but one shot to keep poppy out of the poky. They really don’t like the molesters there. You can “Google” me poppy and see he has quite a bit of press going on. A bit of a celebrity, Glenn Beck talked about him on YouTube! Go ahead and “Google” me dad (they call him distinguished in all the papers)!

    Robert also says, did I tell you me dad likes McBride books, the kind with naked boys? Have ya an idea where I might get him one for a gift? He lost his a few years back. I might also read the book and look at the pictures on the plane, I learned this is how you can get a whole row of economy seats all to yur self! For some reason the book sends folks to the back of the plane, so I get to stretch me long legs.

    Mr. Boss Man is very grossed out, but Bobby hasn’t noticed yet. Mr. Boss man agrees to the hiatus, hoping it is permanent.

    Robert skips off to the airport, his.....

    Gate is 5
    Section J
    Counter K
    Flight V
    Seat 1
    Meal 0
    Bags 8

    To be continued……

  32. I just blasted Iced Tea through my nostrils.

    Thanks for posting this.

    I do have ONE question:

    Why do Hindus have dry jock straps? Don't get that at all. If Maybe I don't WANT to know...

  33. 8 bags?? JC... Is he bringing lipstick for Svea Schwein?

  34. Look to be perfectly honest I don't the answer to the Hindu thing, I just heard it once!

    I think because of the desert and sand, very dry.......

  35. I also forgot my spiritual advisor gave me the Letters and Numbers, they mean something....some of you may know........

  36. Yes, I don't even need a spiritual advisor to know what those numbers mean.

  37. To the person who wrote about Robert Ayres on the plane: Perfect !! The Ayres are of Scottish descent, and at times you wrote it as if you were from the British Isles.

  38. The San Francisco Chronicle is not going to do daily coverage of the trial. Sounds like they're just going to do opening and closing arguments and maybe one or two stories in between.

  39. Anyone see the Academy Award nominated documentary "Capturing the Friedmans?"
    It's about a man named Arnold Friedman, a convicted pedophile and child porn collector ( he plead guilty) and his son Jesse Friedman, who was also convicted of being a pedophile.

    So it can run in families.