Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ayres Trial, Week Four, Day Three: Three Victims Testify

Please thank Robert W: Eric B and Scott E for testifying today. You are all heroes. We believe that a huge weight will be lifted off of your shoulders when you wake up tomorrow. You are all brave men indeed:

Here's a story on today's testimony in the San Mateo County Times :

"More Accusers Describe Physical Exams Performed by Ayres"

It is our very firm belief that the victims of Ayres who were more severely abused are too ashamed to come forward. We know this. We are very disappointed that a victim dropped out at the last minute, which reduced the counts against Ayres from 20 to 10. But we also understand why he did.

There's a whole other group of victims who are too afraid to come forward. For those victims who got it worse: It was not your fault. You were children. Please come forward and tell your story.


Many people who are attending the trial were startled to see three victims who were witnesses sitting out just a few feet from each other on the bench in the hall. If the prosecution is so concerned about them talking to each other and sharing information about the abuse, why was there no attempt by the prosecution to segregate them?

On another note, we have to believe that the graphic testimony is getting to some jurors. During the afternoon break, at around 2:30 pm, we spotted our favorite juror, the intense Steve Jobs lookalike ( Jobs in healthier times) with wire rim glasses sitting on a bench in front of the courthouse. He had a book with him but he couldn't read it. He bent over from the waist down and put his head between his legs. The weight of the world was on his shoulders. We can't imagine what it would be like to take in all of that horrific testimony but the fact that he seems so affected by it seems to us a good sign. During testimony, you can tell he's really taking in all of it - inhaling it almost, Out of all the jurors he is the most focused. We will say once more that we hope he is chosen as foreman. He looks responsible and dedicated.

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  1. Thank you from me and from all victims and their loved ones to Robert W, Eric B and Scott E.

    Your strength and courage has been a strong step toward stopping evil. Thank you for being those good men. May your example give others the motivation to come forward and report this kind of harrassment and abuse. Bless you!