Monday, June 29, 2009

Ayres Trial, Week Five, Day One: Ayres says to a Parent: "Isn't it a Lovely Day?"

Today got off to a truly creepy start when Dr. Ayres approached the mother of a victim in the courthouse and said "Isn't it a lovely day?"

"No, not after what you did to my son," the mother shot back.
"Oh, it's not a lovely day?" the good doctor countered. We always knew Ayres had a mean streak towards women, but this is just lunacy. Shouldn't Weinberg be putting a muzzle on his client? All we can think of is think of is that Ayres is losing it and knows he's going to jail, so he's just letting it rip. But this is just a sick, sick thing to say to a mother of a victim whose son has really suffered. To us it shows the doctor is a sociopath with no remorse.
Things improved a little later when three of the four out of the four victims testified today. First up was Dana P, an air pollution specialist who is married with two kids. He said he saw Dr. Ayres when he was 13, in 1975 because he was acting defiant (No medical reason in the world for Ayres to do one of his "physicals" on him. We started getting upset when Dana P said that Ayres asked if he knew how to "initiate foreplay with a girl." What to heavens does that have to do with Dana's problems ? He said he got two "physicals " from Dr. Creep. Dana P did a good job and stuck to his guns. Thank you for testifying, Dana !
Tom C, the second out of statute victim to testify told the jury that he was a therapist, married with two children. He was very tense and was chewing gum. He had a good strong voice and didn't let Weiny push him around. Weiny has no luck shaking his testimony. Tom said that he was adopted, as was his sister, and that when his parents had a biological child - a boy- there was some jealousy and Tom was sent to therapy.Tom said that when Ayres touched him during a physical, he "wanted out of there" and went and told his father about what had happened. The parents didn't believe him. Tom's father John took the stand too. He looked sleek and wealthy, and actually looked a bit like Weinberg. We loved John because he really wouldn't let Weinberg push him around. Well done, Tom C and John C ! Thank you for your testimony.
Greg H is the standout victim who had the smarts enough to tell his mother's therapist back in 1987 that Ayres molested him, two years after the fact. Greg, who is a slight and wiry fellow, looked very tense. But he spoke clearly and was just a great witness for the prosecution. He said that when Ayres tried to masturbate him that he showed him photos of nude boys (Wonder if it was Coming of Age?) Ugh !! No wonder Greg pulled up his pants, as he testified, and walked away from Ayres, as Ayres was asking him whether he masturbated. This is just sickening. Greg was smart enough to tell his mother he wasn't going back to see the doctor.
Greg's mother Lonnie teared up when asked when Greg first told her he had been molested. She has great posture and we could tell that the jury really liked her. We thought it was very interesting that Ayres sent Lonnie a check for $1000 after Greg came forward to the police about Ayres - two years after the molestation... Hmmmm, could it have been hush money? And what happened to that check ? The police have said that Greg's file and check were missing.. Why is that?
There but for the grace of God, if a member of Greg's family had not seen a news article about the molestation civil suit in 2004, Greg would have been lost forever.
We are so proud of all of the victims and their parents who have testified. It takes so much courage to do so. We know they are doing well because the good doctor couldn't bring himself to look at the victims when they were testifying. What a coward for not being able to look at his accusers.
Caligirl will have a more detailed posting up later...
And in case anyone out there is interested, Solveig wasn't wearing her peacock blue jacket today. It was navy blue.


  1. Thank you for posting! Thanks to those victims who testified today.

    I can't believe Ayres had the nerve to speak to the mom.

    Weinberg should skip the muzzle and castrate the old pedophile!

  2. I would have said "I am waiting for my lovely day when you will be broke and locked up in jail"

    by the the way "just lovely navy blue Solveig, the contrast with your lipstick is a bit over-powering but it works"

  3. I think she wanted to say it.
    She was very upset about the whole thing; I reminded her he's trying to get a rise out of her and to be the "grown up" and ignore the good doctor. Look right through him.
    Though it will no doubt be one of the hardest things she ever does.
    To the people who read this blog: You have no idea what a wonderful bunch of parents (and siblings) are in the court room every day. They are in as much pain as their sons and brothers (in a different way of course), but they are the most thoughtful and gracious bunch of people I have had occasion to meet.
    Meeting these people and having the good fortune to sit with them will be the most positive memory I will take away from this trial.