Friday, May 1, 2009

Now is the time

If you are a molestation victim of william hamilton ayres, alleged child psychiatrist, whether it was recent, or a long time ago, and you have not talked to the San Mateo police department, or the District Attorney's office, it's still not too late; in fact, there are three extra weeks, thanks to Doron Weinberg's trademark lack of preparedness.

If you're concerned about anonymity, at least as far as public release of your name is concerned, call the PD or DA, and they will be able to clarify for you what the situation will be. You won't be forced to testify if you just call and ask about it. Ask them every question you can think of. Get it comfortable with their answers, THEN call them back and make a statement if you want.

I'm not saying that it will be a walk in the park. Honestly, it hasn't been for me, and probably will continue to stink. BUT I don't think it stinks any more than it would have anyway, and you might be able to do some good, and that would make it stink a whole lot less... and, you may not have as much to fear as you think

Give Rick Decker a call at the San Mateo police department. If you talk to him, I think you'll find him to be reasonable and patient. Ask him about the things that you're afraid of, related to coming forward. Discuss what options they'll have for you. Don't feel obligated to make a decision, but DO get the run-down from Detective Decker, and then give it some thought. Something that took a long time for me to become clear about was that it would look pretty bad for them to have to drag unwilling victims to the stand to testify. If you call them, and ask about what will happen if you come forward, and then decide not to, they're NOT going to trace your call and send the SWAT team to come and get you. It took a long time for me to get that through my head.


  1. Hear, hear.

    Contact prosecutor Melissa McKowan:

    or Detective Rick Decker:

  2. O.K. Deep Sounding, you inspired me to contact Dan Lieberman today (of Leland Yee's office). He emailed back a document that you fill out for proposed legislation. I included the wonderful article from Trials and Tribulations regarding Ayres. I was told that Senator Leland Yee did not receive my original letter or follow-up letter! I made a PDF of all documentation and sent that via email to Lieberman, will mail as well. Never give up!

    Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  3. Here's a blast from the past. In 2007 A poster named Joglars from the SF Chronicle who sounds very much like Solveig:

    This caring man has been "misunderstood" and his totally innocent, completely above-board medical exams have been recast in the minds of those three dozen scheming and unprincipled former patients as sexual abuse!

  4. ayres better be getting his affairs in order, because he's going down.

  5. Dr. Tony Shiu, nother California doctor who's now a felon:

  6. Helpful books for victims and parents.

    Beyond Betrayal: "Taking Charge of Your Life After Boyhood Sexual Abuse" by Dr. Richard Gartner, a psychoanalyst and founding director of the William Alanson White's Sexual Abuse Program in New York City.

    and "Predators and Child Molesters: What Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Kids Safe" by Los Angeles sex crimes prosecutor Robin Sax

  7. It appears that Solveig has now started blogging on the San Mateo Daily Journal forum. Shame on her.

    "Glee Club" talks about what a nightmare it is for her family.

    Does she ever think about the families of the victims who have died of possible suicide ? Or who are still living but their lives are ruined ? Where is her compassion?

    And why did she say terrible things about the poor victim who settled the lawsuit with her husband to several doctors at an annnual medical meeting four years ago? The doctors were said to be shocked by her behavior.

    Does she ever wonder why her husband would fork out so much money to a victim if he were innocent of the charges ?

    Just once she should think about the nightmare of Ayres' many, many victims. Does she know how hard it is for male victims to come forward, because of the shame and pain? Does she know that there's a mini-epidemic in this country of child psychiatrists and pediatricians around this country who have been arrested and/or sued for molesting boys ? Are all of these victims of these other doctors lying ?

    1)Pediatrician Dr. Mel Levine- Rhodes Scholar, best selling author and frequent Oprah guest: forced to surrender his medical license after 51 male victims came forward to say he had molested them as children. Levine's MO: identical to Ayres'. Currently being sued by a number of victims.

    2)Child psychiatrist Dr. Alan Horowitz: Cum laude graduate of Harvard and Harvard Medical School. Arrested for molesting young boys sent to him for therapy. Fled the country while out on bail and ended up being featured on "America's Most Wanted." After he was found, extradicted to the US and serving a long sentence in a New York State prison.

    3) Dr. Scott and Dr. Mark Blankenburg, identical twin pediatricians, arrested in Ohio on 87 counts of child molestation. Their target was young boys. The Blankenburgs bribed their victims with presents and money and drugs.

    4) Child psychiatrist Dr. Donald Lee Rife. Graduate of Harvard and Yale Medical School. Worked at Judge Baker Guidance Center, a place for troubled children in Boston, right around the same time ayres was training there. Rife was president of the Vermont Psychoanalytic Society. Arrested in Florida for molesting young boys, as young as 7. Also busted for molesting dozens of young boys in therapy in Vermont and Massachusetts.

    5)Child psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Demasi told his psychiatrist during his medical training at New York Medical College that he was a pedophile and that he was going to find himself a nice boy on a trip to South America. His psychiatrist did not report him.

    Four months later, Dr.Demasi molested a ten year old boy at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut. The boy and his family sued DeMasi and his psychiatrist, who failed to report his pediophiliac urges to New York Medical College. They won the lawsuit.

    DeMasi is serving time in state prison.

    These names of the pedophile doctors - including Levine, who is far more prominent that solveig's husband ever was - are just the tip of the iceberg.
    There have been at least 50 cases of this sort in this country in the last few years.

    Does solveig honestly think that the victims of all of these doctors are lying?

  8. Looks like Solveig is cracking under the pressure, calling it a nightmare, maybe that nightmare will be a reality on June 1 when the victims get the long awaited justice. Like the mother lion she wanted to protect her cubs, didn't like someone stating that they don't support the father.

    She has never once helped, promoted any sort of justice for the victims. I don't know what planet she is from but every now and again she strikes out.

  9. Memorial Day is a great day to remember those that are not with us anymore, whether they be soldiers , friends, family etc.

    I like to use Memorial Day to see my glass half full, and be thankful for all that I do have.

    I know there have been victims who have not made it to see the upcoming trial date of June 1, 2009.

    So when I walk up on Sawyer Camp Trail today I will give a special thought to them at the thinking rock.

    Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!