Friday, May 22, 2009

On Solveig ayres (Part 2)

Let's briefly revisit Solveig, wife and vocal supporter of child molester william ayres, alleged child psychiatrist.

Solveig has in the past made disparaging comments to parents of her husband's victims, interrupted private conversations between victims and the police with the apparent intent to harass the victim, and makes bizarre clucking and snorting noises whenever the word "victim" is used during all of the pre trial hearings.

Her husband is clearly using her as a prop. Watch this video of ayres controlling his wife:

The video starts after the brief commercial. Look and listen particularly closely at about 1 minute 14 seconds into the video:

What do you say about the charges against you?

Pervert Child Molester: Nothing.

Are they true? Did it happen?

Solveg ayres (interrupting):
He's not allowed to talk, and you know that.

Pervert Child Molester (Holding his hand up to restrain his doormat wife):
No, no, she has every right to talk all she wants, I'm not talking,

What a human and caring response ayres shows to his wife for all her continuing support!

Real charmer. Way to pick 'em Sol!

Watch to the end of the video. The prosecutor talks about perpetrators like ayres, and how they are very smart in "picking their victims." He sure picked well with Solveig!


  1. Ayres only likes women who are meek and malleable, like Etta Bryant( whom he strongarmed to write a letter in his defense to the County Times) and extremely meek Thea Leavitt ( who has accompanied him to court several times.)
    During his career, if the woman was in a position of power, Ayres was nice to them only if he thought they could help further his career- and - most importantly - could feed him young boys. Sure he was nice to the woman head of Hillcrest some years ago (while at the same time being snobbish to the probation officers)because she could feed him boys. Sure he was nice to juvenile judge Pat Bresee- because she could send him boys. (Bresee has since publicly apologized for sending boys to him.)

    But after Ayres was arrested, a number of secretaries at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry spoke up to say that Ayres bullied them and wasn't nice to them. Of course they were in no position to feed him boys!!

    Dr. Lynn Ponton, the brave child psychiatrist who reported ayres to the California Medical Board on behalf of a victim, found herself on the receiving end of Ayres' bullying and vindictive behavior when he filed a complaint against her with the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

    He's that typical guy who's horrible to the "little" people on the way up - and forgets that those same people he bullied will not support him now that he is down. One would imagine that there could be probation officers and secretaries on the jury.

  2. "[a]yres only likes women who are meek and malleable[]"

    Yes, I think that this is very much the case.

    Watch to the end of the video clip. The prosecutor talks about sociopathic, perverted sexual predators like william h. ayres, and specifically mentions that they are "powerful" and "smart in picking their victims."

    These predators are very smart in picking their victims:

    They are looking for people who will be mortified if the truth gets out. They are looking for people who will feel guilty if the truth gets out. They are looking for people who will be afraid of their power. They are looking for people who will believe them because they are powerful. They are looking for people who are extraordinarily mortified, and therefore easily manipulated.

    They are looking for people like Solveig.

    The predators want victims to use, and and mould, and even to shield the predator: to do their dirty work in refuting their evils, while they sit on their pious pedestal.

  3. The name Solveig.....

    Way to pick em Sol

    Translation = Sun

    Note to self by Sol: Brush up on GleeClub song.........

    Ain't No Sunshine When He's Gone


    I wonder this time where he's gone
    I wonder how long he's gonna stay

  4. Gosh, his tone with Solveig is real nasty. Some thanks to a spouse who - for some unfathomable reason- is sticking by this creep.

    Wonder if it's the same nasty, petulant tone he used to some of the victims who refused to take their clothes off in his office ? Word is he got very angry with them.

    Wonder if his mama spoiled him as a kid because he certainly does not act with charity towards people.

  5. Word is that etta bryant has been initiating verbal assaults on other psychiatrists --to their faces-- who say they believe that ayres is a child molester.

    Really, really not cool,'re losing it.

    Scary to think etta is in the business of trying to help people with the problems. Why can't she face up to the truth?

  6. I have been saying since Etta's letter to the Oakland Tribune to boycott her!

    Perhaps that could be an idea for your next post Deep Sounding.

    Any person out there from PPA still defending Ayres after he sued his own medical corp, which she was a part of, should truly be declared incompetent.

    She was with the group when it went defunct in 2004. The case for $395,000 settled on behalf of PPA.

    Get the word out boycott Etta Colish Bryant, resident of San Mateo living on Edgewood off of Baroilhet and Warren Road in San Mateo hills.

    Drives to her office at Borel Square in her Mazda mini van looking like Mik Jagger from afar!

    Boycott now........

  7. Word is that Etta targeted one brave psychiatrist in particular at a psychiatric meeting recently. Bryant got angry with this psychiatrist for daring to believe that a victim had been molested by Ayres. Seems Bryant is still sticking by her man bill ayres, despite the fact that everyone else in the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry now believes the molestation allegations against him. According to another male child psychiatrist from the East Coast, no one dares speak ayres' name at the annual meetings, for according to this male psychiatrist, ayres' name is seen as a black spot on the organization.

    For Bryant to attack this psychiatrist at the meeting for believing in and supporting a victim is not just unprofessional but frightening. It shows she puts the needs of herself and her bizarre loyalty to someone who has hurt children above the welfare and safety of children. And yet Bryant was on the same panel that drew up the practice parameters for children who were sexually abused:

    American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    These parameters were developed by William Bernet, M.D., principal author, and the
    Work Group on Quality Issues: William Ayres, M.D., and John E. Dunne, M.D., Chairmen.
    Members: Elissa Benedek, M.D., Gail A. Bernstein, M.D., Etta Bryant.

  8. Maybe Dr. Bryant and Dr. Ayres were doinking each other in the hotel at the meeting ware the wrote that paper. Does Mrs. Ayres know about them fooling around? What does Dr. Bryant look like?

    Probably a little boy.

  9. Someone here said Bryant looked "like Mick Jagger from afar."

  10. Well, I tell you she looks thin and frail, a prominent nose, dark hair, shaggy cut, yes I am the one whos say she looks like Mik Jagger from afar. She is known to frequent the Burlingame Post Office. As I said drives a mazda mini van, bronze/gold in color, lic is about 4mjt97(last number rhymes with door). Her house is up on Edgewood Road in San Mateo not sure if the address is 550 or 580. Moved her office from 448 N. San Mateo Drive to Borel Plaza all in close proximity of Howard Hoffman and the office of Ronnie Sue Leith former partners in the defunct PPA.
    Her huband Richenbach died about 5 years ago. Her house has a pool. She was parked out in front of Ayres rented condo at 153 San mateo drive, but not lately. Maybe she parks on the side streets.

    Unite soccer moms of San mateo and Burlingame, you know you don't want supporters of child molesters treating your kids......BOYCOTT

    Sorry for spelling.....

  11. Perhaps Etta Bryant should be reported to the California Medical Board for attempting to intimidate other psychiatrists...

  12. I suppose Etta Bryant thinks that this psychiatrist who defends the victims has a "jihad" against Ayres.

    Wonder if Marta Diaz and Bryant are pals... Ayres sure can pick 'em.

  13. Ayres putting his hand up to stop Solveig makes me think of,"Silence ! The Great Oz has spoken!!"

    But seriously, one has to wonder who was in charge of the finances in that household. ayres spent thousands and thousands of dollars on presents for the kids (though he denies ever giving any child a present in his deposition) Did he not let Solveig see the receipts? Wouldn't she have thought it was pretty weird for him to be buying record albums for boys?? Did she just choose not to see or did he just shoot her down every time she tried to ask him about why so much money was being spent at Talbots' and other stores? He probably dismissed her with an imperious wave of his hand:"Silence ! The Great Oz has spoken!!"

    Man, he must have been one difficult dude to live with.

  14. Maybe Solveig was to busy reviewing his grocery bill! Maybe the toys paled in comparision to what they spent at Costco on massive bulk quantities of Chips Ahoy and Fiddle Faddle, oh and I imagine his favorite cereal was Lucky Charms, you have to eat 10 boxes to get 50 marshmellows......

  15. Deep Sounding:

    Any news on the trial? Is it still on? What are your thoughts on a plea bargain?

    Do you think Solveig and Ettat already know a guilty plea is in the works and that's why they're "acting out?"