Friday, May 29, 2009

Here Comes the Judge!

At long last, the trial is set to begin. Again.

Maybe this time it will stick.

I called the court to confirm earlier today.
They say it's still on.
The clerk couldn't tell me if the jury was selected, or if that would happen Monday.

TRIAL DATE: Monday, June 1, 2009. 8:30am.

Southern Branch: Hall of Justice and Records
400 County Center,
Redwood City, CA 94063

UPDATE: Friday, May 29, 2009 -
Court clerk still reports that the trial is scheduled as above.


  1. I hope it begins exactly on time without one single delay!


  3. The question is: will the good doctor show up with his twisted cane or the brand new walker?

  4. I'm guessing wheelchair with IV drip, and catheter bag, oxygen tubes up the nose, neck brace, feeding tube, and an official American Sign Language interpreter.

    And a tutu.

    And rollerskates.

  5. The biggest fucking tutu you've ever seen.

  6. And bells on his pasties.

  7. And Solveig will be there to ring the bells for him.

  8. Would love to be a fly on the wall chez ayres' over the weekend.

    I think it's very odd that they moved just two doors down from the scene of the crimes. Very odd. Well, they do say perpetrators like to return to the crime scenes, so there you go.

  9. Maybe he will have makeup that makes his face look whiter. He looked awfully rosy-cheeked at the hearing back in December.

  10. Perhaps, he will have has last feast at Il Fornaio this weekend. I was there recently and alas they half a half order menu! No need for full portions.

    Also, if you plan to attend the proceedings, you will pay more for your lunch at the courthouse cafeteria than a world class ATM cards either......

    Parking + food $45.00 per day

    Ayres on trial = Priceless

    This is my new Visa ad!

  11. Doron would probably look better in the there time to have it altered.....I have seen heavy landing ballerinas it ain't pretty......

  12. Hi Deep Sounding,

    Will you be able to give us updates on June 1 as to what has taken place in the morning:

    1. Can you let us know if they will begin jury selection on June 1?

    2. If it appears in any way that Ayres should take a last minute plea bargain will you be able to post that?

    I imagine those two scenarios will answer my questions. If they begin jury selection that could take a week. But at least we know there is going to be a trial.

    If Ayres should enter some sort of plea bargain, would be interested in hearing what it is......

    Hope you will have some method of getting us some information!


  13. Hi Patient Advocate,

    Unfortunately for various reasons, I can't tell you yet whether I will be there or not; which will directly affect the speed at which I can put any info here. I will post about whatever information I know that is available to the public. While I normally get to it faster than the general press does, by a half-day or so, it's possible that you'll get the news faster from the press this time; as, if the trial actually gets underway, it is sure to be more "newsworthy" this time.

    I am working on some ways to get the info posted here more quickly if I am not able to do it myself, which is a method that has worked well in the past.

    In any case, as I'm sure you'll understand, IF I get information that is not necessarily ready for public release (if I am told, or I feel that it could work against an ayres conviction) you won't hear it from me. As I have always maintained, I am biased in this matter, and therefore I'm not operating under any "public has the right to know" mindset. But I'm also reasonably sure that there are victims out there who have not come forward, and who also sit on the edge of their seats looking for information as soon as they can get it. It is my primary goal to get as much substantial information to them, as quickly as possible. It does tend to reduce the stress that can sometimes go on for days, not knowing anything.

    By the way, it's also important to keep in mind that they could select a jury, and at the same time be negotiating a deal. I don't know about you, but I've heard plenty of people say they were selected for a jury over the course of several days, only to be told on the day that the testimony was to start, that a bargain had been reached, and their service was not needed. Too many different scenarios to explore and make me nauseated.

    I'll get the info out as fast as I can.

  14. Good story on the trial in the County Times today:

    All I can think is that Ayres will say he has swine flu or something.

  15. Wonder if Etta Bryant will show up. One hope she refrains from her practice of witness intimidation...

  16. The link to the SM County Times is here:

    SM Times article on ayres Trial

  17. Note that the County Times article keeps referring to ayres as a "psychologist." That's gotta tee ayres off - especially since he once wrote an essay for the American Psychiatric Association bulletin in which he said that psychiatrists were superior to psychologists and social worker therapists. He said something about shrinks being the luxury items - I believe he threw in the word "crystal" and likened them to top name brands. He said they were superior because of their medical education.

    As you can imagine, his arrogant words angered many psychologists and other mental health professionals. Well, what goes around comes around. May the County Times keep referring to him as a psychologist.

  18. Will the prosecutor ask ayres why he says in his deposition that he asked only a few boys to undress and that it was very unusual for him to do so - and indeed "years went by "when he never asked a boy to take his pants down ? Will the prosecutor ask why he told other people he "always" gave - ahem -"physicals?" Someone's gotta point out that he has told about twelve different stories about those darn "physicals."

    That's why some of us think the good doctor will plead guilty.

  19. In 2007 "Joglars" - aka Solveig- wrote on a San Francisco Chronicle blog that her husband gave physicals to the kids even after they'd just been examined by their own pediatricians who had found nothing wrong with them-- because he believed that "to do something right, you have to do it yourself."

    How does solveig explain that her husband who is not not now and has never been board certified in pediatrics anywhere - was able to do a physical better than all those board certified bona fide pediatricians?

    She can't explain. One wonders why she fell for his lame explanations all these years. What kind of pathology would a woman have to have to stay loyal to this monster?

  20. Recommended reading for solveig:

    Sleeping with a Stranger

    How I Survived Marriage to a Child Molester
    by Patricia Wiklund, Ph.D.

    Wiklund is a San Francisco-based therapist, whose therapist husband (now ex) was a child molester.

    Wiklund was featured on Oprah.

    Wiklund has her own website. solveig should check it out.


  21. Watch Weinberg move to have the case dismissed tomorrow. Bet it's one of the first things he does.

    In the Spector case, he must have moved for a mistrial twice a day, for the duration of the trial.