Friday, May 29, 2009

Here Comes the Judge!

At long last, the trial is set to begin. Again.

Maybe this time it will stick.

I called the court to confirm earlier today.
They say it's still on.
The clerk couldn't tell me if the jury was selected, or if that would happen Monday.

TRIAL DATE: Monday, June 1, 2009. 8:30am.

Southern Branch: Hall of Justice and Records
400 County Center,
Redwood City, CA 94063

UPDATE: Friday, May 29, 2009 -
Court clerk still reports that the trial is scheduled as above.

ayres Discussed in the Media:

Victoria Balfour discusses the ayres case on Justice Interrupted
(About half way into the show. You can click on the little bar to move ahead/back.)

Glenn Beck on William Ayres

Videos of Court Appearances

I am posting these video links for one stop access to the William Hamilton Ayres related videos that I know about. If you know about more, let me know... I'll add them. If these links stop working, let me know, I have backups.

CBS Video 1:
Ayres goes to court, makes his wife Solveig shut up when she tries to defend him. I sometimes feel sorry for her, but the bottom line is she seems like a bad person, I will post more on this at a later time.

CBS Video 2:
Ayres pretends that he has all kinds of medical issues; fakes needing a cane to hobble into court.

CBS Video 3:
Former patient who says he wasn't molested.
WARNING: this video is very hard to watch. I hope this guy is OK. I didn't want to post this, but it's on the CBS site and probably not going to go away, plus it's in the main story video, which I really didn't want to skip. I may delete the link if I lose sleep about it.

CBS Video 4:
Full story, includes former patient from video 3 above.

CBS Video 5:
Detailed back-story. Good info here.. Good primer for people who don't know about this.

And finally:
Glenn Beck on Youtube:

I've heard that Michael Savage also talked about Ayres. I wish I could find a copy of that...

Well, I won't say "I hope you've enjoyed these videos...." they are hard to swallow in one sitting. If you know of others, I can add them.

Friday, May 22, 2009

On Solveig ayres (Part 2)

Let's briefly revisit Solveig, wife and vocal supporter of child molester william ayres, alleged child psychiatrist.

Solveig has in the past made disparaging comments to parents of her husband's victims, interrupted private conversations between victims and the police with the apparent intent to harass the victim, and makes bizarre clucking and snorting noises whenever the word "victim" is used during all of the pre trial hearings.

Her husband is clearly using her as a prop. Watch this video of ayres controlling his wife:

The video starts after the brief commercial. Look and listen particularly closely at about 1 minute 14 seconds into the video:

What do you say about the charges against you?

Pervert Child Molester: Nothing.

Are they true? Did it happen?

Solveg ayres (interrupting):
He's not allowed to talk, and you know that.

Pervert Child Molester (Holding his hand up to restrain his doormat wife):
No, no, she has every right to talk all she wants, I'm not talking,

What a human and caring response ayres shows to his wife for all her continuing support!

Real charmer. Way to pick 'em Sol!

Watch to the end of the video. The prosecutor talks about perpetrators like ayres, and how they are very smart in "picking their victims." He sure picked well with Solveig!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Now is the time

If you are a molestation victim of william hamilton ayres, alleged child psychiatrist, whether it was recent, or a long time ago, and you have not talked to the San Mateo police department, or the District Attorney's office, it's still not too late; in fact, there are three extra weeks, thanks to Doron Weinberg's trademark lack of preparedness.

If you're concerned about anonymity, at least as far as public release of your name is concerned, call the PD or DA, and they will be able to clarify for you what the situation will be. You won't be forced to testify if you just call and ask about it. Ask them every question you can think of. Get it comfortable with their answers, THEN call them back and make a statement if you want.

I'm not saying that it will be a walk in the park. Honestly, it hasn't been for me, and probably will continue to stink. BUT I don't think it stinks any more than it would have anyway, and you might be able to do some good, and that would make it stink a whole lot less... and, you may not have as much to fear as you think

Give Rick Decker a call at the San Mateo police department. If you talk to him, I think you'll find him to be reasonable and patient. Ask him about the things that you're afraid of, related to coming forward. Discuss what options they'll have for you. Don't feel obligated to make a decision, but DO get the run-down from Detective Decker, and then give it some thought. Something that took a long time for me to become clear about was that it would look pretty bad for them to have to drag unwilling victims to the stand to testify. If you call them, and ask about what will happen if you come forward, and then decide not to, they're NOT going to trace your call and send the SWAT team to come and get you. It took a long time for me to get that through my head.