Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Victoria Balfour Interview on Justice Interrupted

Here's the Victoria Balfour interview from Tuesday, March 31, 2009, discussing the william h ayres case. Her part starts about half-way through. You can download the mp3 file if you have iTunes, just by clicking on the little iTunes logo.

Warning if you're a victim:

There are a couple of comments made by the interviewers which may be troubling:

1. One of the interviewers, in talking about a molester (who's cover of choice was to be a school teacher) tried really hard to give him credit for being a "fantastic teacher" who "happened" to also be a molester. This kind of thing enrages me. It certainly IS OK to take away "credit" when the goodwill is only earned to be a useful tool to get to victims more easily. NO HE WAS NOT A FANTASTIC TEACHER. WHY DO I NEED TO BE THE ONE TO SPELL THIS OUT?? To be fair, I DO NOT think that the interviewer intended to be insensitive about this, and perhaps for people not in my position, it's not really an issue (and frankly I think that THAT is a big part of the problem); but for me, it becomes the unfortunate focal point of the interview.

2. There is a fairly blunt description of how long this crap will affect the victims. I know it instinctively, but it was fairly traumatic to hear it out loud, and not coming from the voice inside my head...

Ms. Balfour gave a another great interview. It's good to have someone tenacious there, when mostly you just want to hide your head in the sand.

Who IS that mystery heavy breather?


  1. Great interview. I know that the San Mateo/Burlingame area has been richly saturated with physicians because of the attraction of living in Northern California. Along with that came the fancy titles and hob knobbing with politicians and judges. It was at least great to hear from Victoria that the police allowed her into the investigation, as this was probably helping them. The Medical Board of California is so useless I wish they would save the budget money for helping victims of bad doctors as they sure don't use the money from doc lic. fees to prosecute them. I agree strongly that no matter how long it takes to tell someone of a medical crime at least do that so there is some kind of record. If it doesn't help you it might help the next victim. Thanks for posting the interview.

  2. I would like to see your blog do an item on Judge Marta Diaz's outrageous comments re: her alliance with Ayres to the legal paper, the Daily Journal