Monday, April 20, 2009


There is a hearing THIS


william hamilton ayres, accused child molester will be making a motion to once more delay the trial date, even though everyone agreed in open court last time that there would be no further delays, no further pre-trial hearings... just the trial date of May 11th, 2009.

-Hearing date confirmed with San Mateo county court on Monday, April 20th.
Case # SC064366

UPDATE (Thursday, April 23, 2009, early morning):
Word on the street is that the 10am time is correct, reliable sources indicate confirmation of the 10am time through the DA's office.

UPDATE (Wednesday, April 22, 2009, early morning):
There seems to be some level of disconnect about the TIME of the hearing. On 04/21/2009 in the afternoon, I contacted the criminal court to re-confirm the 10AM time . The clerk said that there are other hearings scheudled for the morning before the ayres hearing, but that continuance hearings are scheduled, not lumped in, and that the ayres hearing is clearly scheduled for 10am

Having said that, there is also reliable information that the hearing could occur anytime after 8:30AM on the 23rd. I will try to get further clarification at some point today, but I'm guessing at this point that 8:30 is probably the target time, unless someone has better info...


  1. What is the reason this time! I can't believe it. From experience a new date is always a couple of months out....grrrrrrr, this is crazy, I hope it is not granted.

  2. I think it's only a three week continuance. Whineberg wants to wait until after Spector's sentencing on May 29.

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  4. Ayres is no doubt quaking in his boots now that his hotshot lawyer Whineberg lost the Phil Spector case.

    Ayres: you're next !! We predict you will have the same fate as Spector.

  5. A number of victims have called Steve Wagstaffe in the San Mateo DA's office to urge that there be no more delays, and to ask that prosecutor Melissa McKowan argue against the continuance.

    Anyone who feels strongly about this should call Steve Wagstaffe:


  6. Here's a Boston medical student just charged with killing a woman he met on Craigslist and for the kidnapping and robbery of another woman. Police are calling him a predator.

    What's up with these Boston-trained doctors?
    Ayres,Mel Levine, Don Rife, and now this guy.

  7. Deep Sounding: Maybe you could print the possible times for the hearing? May start as early as 8:30 am on April 23.

  8. Usually the courts have the case listed as a line item. Depending on what number you are and how long the other cases take it goes in number order. Ayres could be first or last.....keeping my fingers crossed that Moron Whineberg can just have Friday the 29th "off" to send Spector to the pokey......