Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Patient Advocate

I've been remiss in not having posted this link earlier, and adding a note of appreciation to The Patient Advocate over at

Some time ago, (March 9th) The Patient Advocate posted a great article and letter to Jackie Speier, Assemblymember Jerry Hill, and Senator Leland Yee, arguing for the necessity to make medical peer reviews MORE than just advisory, especially in the case that reportable crimes have been committed.

If you didn't see The Patient Advocate's post before, you should go over there and see it!


  1. I will post an update if I hear from Senator Leland Yee or Jerry of yet, nada.....

  2. Thanks again for your efforts! I've been way more pre-occupied than I thought... in many ways that's good.

    I've sent off copies of your letter too. I hope they do something. Maybe we need lobby money. Wonder where you get that....

  3. I would recommend that you keep trying Yee's office. They know all about the Ayres case over there, and besides, he is also a child psychologist. You gotta keep at those guys. A good contact is Dan Leiberman in the San Mateo Yee office.

  4. Sent this today, April 10, 2009...

    Honorable Senator Leland Yee
    400 S. El Camino Real, Suite 630
    San Mateo, CA 94402

    Subject: New Legislation Request - Peer Review - San Mateo County Medical Association - Please Help Us Take the Shackles Off Peer Review - Second Request

    Dear Senator Yee:

    I am writing to follow-up on a letter which I sent to your office on March 9, 2009. As of today’s date, I have not received a response from you or your staff on the above-mentioned topic.

    I was hoping to receive a status update in the near future. I understand that your office must receive a large number of requests that require review, but the importance of this matter to the public safety and welfare of children and patients should be a high priority.

    I am attaching a copy of the original letter for your convenience. I would truly appreciate your assistance on this most important matter.