Thursday, April 23, 2009

New, New, New, New, New, New Trial Date

The newly rescheduled trial date is June 1, 2009

This time, NO EXCEPTIONS, just like last time!!

Did Doron stumble and bumble over his words like he would have if he were just a drunken fool?

What new medical implement has Doron acquired for ayres to improve his sympathy factor? (Please tell me it doesn't own a walker now? Was it scraping on the floor because he just got it today, and he simply doesn't have any balls? (tennis))

Did Solveig snort and grunt like a stuck pig at the mention of victims? Will we continue to unfairly pick on the poor, innocent wife of the creature?

More info will follow as the updates trickle in... but probably not until later today.


  1. This is getting so frustrating and sad for the victims. I am upset that this is again delayed. Wow, Ayres may as well take a damn vacation. No worries, maybe he will come up with something else in the mean time.......

  2. Ayres actually had a walker?

    Disgusting ? Was Weinberg bumbling? Did McKowan put up a good fight?

  3. What's Solveig's problem ? She wrote on a blog once that the victims were "scheming and unprincipled." Doesn't she realize that those words actually describe her husband?

    Solveig reminds me of that delusional fiance of the med student Craigslist killer in Boston. Defending her criminal significant other until the bitter end.

  4. Perhaps if william ayres lost fifty pounds he wouldn't need that walker.Does he ever exercise? He keeps saying he's a medical doctor, so why isn't he taking better care of himself by slimming down?

  5. Weinberg will be spending the next month lining up a troupe of pay-for-play "experts" who will try to discredit Ayres's accusers. Just as he asked the Spector jurors to accept the idea that a 40-year-old actress spontaneously decided to blow her brains out with a "borrowed" gun after spending an hour or so at the home of a well-known gun-brandishing, woman-abusing twerp/bully she just met, Weinberg will ask the jury in the Ayres case that to believe that Ayres's "physical exams" were legitimate aspects of his medical care (never mind that he neglected to document the "exams" and that he never bothered to "examine" girl patients) or that the victims imagined, misinterpreted or made up the molestation leading to the currentr charges against him. Hopefully the San Mateo jury will show the common sense that seemed (until now) so rare among celebrity-judging Los Angeles juries.

  6. He has always been that big! Never one inch are right, heart disease, HDL, eating fatty foods at Il Fornaio and Kincaid's, what kind of healthy dude is that.....trained in Boston, do they eat big there? Seriously, is this another case of docs covering for docs, maybe his own doctor told him he was not fat, maybe his colleagues said "oh you are so thin" and he believed them just like they believed him.......

  7. We are eagerly waiting for details of the hearing. Dr. Ayres' partners have always talked about his "theatrical" bent, and it sounds to us as if he put it to good use with that walker. Bet he flung it into the trunk as soon as they got to the parking lot.

  8. We heard that Weinberg wasn't looking too confident in the hearing yesterday. That's what losing his biggest case of his career last week will do to him. Let's hope the losing streak continues.

    Bernie Ward, Phil Spector, william h. ayres.