Friday, February 6, 2009

Comment from guest contributor David Gross

David Gross, who has spoken publicly about william h. ayres on several occasions recently added the following comment to my "Stop Supporting Child Molesters" posting below, and with his OK, I've copied it here, so that it's not overlooked. Thanks for taking the time to read and post David!

Comment Follows:

First off I do not want to be labeled as anonymous. My name is David Gross and I was a victom of Ayers in 1974, and was referred to ayers by my pediatrician who was my father. I am a 50 year old gay male and while homophobia may keep staight men from wanting to talk about homosexual molestation, I have no qualms about discussing or admitting that these things happened.

I know both from having grown up in a medical household and being gay that ayers did what he is being accused of. As for the reasoning by some of his defenders that he was an outstanding shrink and that he did much good, I would like to point out that all of the people being brought forth in major embezzeling crimes for either millions and in 1 case billions of dollars anyone who gets away with crimes for years are all proficient at their jobs and are always well thought of, that is how they are able to get away with their crimes for years.

Boys do not make these claims because of the negative connotations that come with these acts and for years feel that it may be because they have homosexual desires that they are ashamed of. how any intellegent or professional person could think that all of these allegations are fictitious better look at themselves and figure out why they can not accept that this was happening.

I have not and will not try to gain any monetary benifits from this experience. Maybe because I am gay I can see the situation more clearly than most and would happily testify against ayers if asked. Unfortunately this whole situation has probably affected the relationship I have with my father, for while he hasn't supported ayers at all he hasn't publically denounced him and has not actively attacked him in the medical community, being obout the same age as ayers if it was me I would have looked him up and physically kicked his ass up and down the street. I would love the chance to confront him and will try to be at the trial if at all possible with my work schedule.

He is scum and should not be allowed to continue having his freedom and needs to spend whatever time he has left on this earth in prison for the lives that he has ruined. Anybody who had been informed of his actions and ignored the information is in my opinion an accessory to a crime and is lucky that they are not being prosecuted along with him, maybe this would have saved many young boys from having been victoms over the years after the 1st complaint was made. the longer this farse goes on with all the delays just prolongs the pain of the victoms.

If ayers was poor and had even one witness claim they saw him commit a minor crime he would be sitting in jail, yet money and his professional status has kept his freedom when this should make the crimes even more henous. I'll climb off my soapbox for now, but I may climb back on it if I deem it necessay to help get justice served. Thank you all for your time taken to read this.

David Gross

Victomized but not allowing myself to be a victom.
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  1. Thanks, David. You have a lot of strength.
    You brought tears to my eyes.

  2. David,
    I just wanted to thank you for having the courage and strength to speak out. I personally see you as a hero for doing what you can to have this serial sex offender prosecuted and hopefully protect any other children from becoming the next victim of a sex crime.

    Vicki Polin, Founder/CEO
    The Awareness Center, Inc.
    (the international Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault)

  3. David,
    I can only imagine how you coming forward would put a wedge between you and your father. But I admire you for speaking the truth and I am sure that your message to other victims is comforting. Being gay might not have as much to do with it as being 50! I turned 50 this year and you just get used to being you. You accept you. I wish they would call you as a witness. Wishing you the best and thank you for your comments.

  4. Judi Speir-CrawfordFebruary 8, 2009 at 12:39 PM

    I commend you for your courage and if I were your parent I would have a hard time not killing Ayers in a very slow and painful way not unlike the way he tortured your little mind, body, and soul as a child. I also was severely abused by my parents and priests so I know the years and degree of damage that such people, especially people in power can do. Still suffering at 64 years old,
    Grandma Judi
    Judi Speir-Crawford
    Dexter, Michigan

  5. I hope David gets to testify at the trial. He would be a great witness; he is smart and down to earth. And best of all, he's not intimidated by "Dr." Ayres.