Friday, May 29, 2009

Videos of Court Appearances

I am posting these video links for one stop access to the William Hamilton Ayres related videos that I know about. If you know about more, let me know... I'll add them. If these links stop working, let me know, I have backups.

CBS Video 1:
Ayres goes to court, makes his wife Solveig shut up when she tries to defend him. I sometimes feel sorry for her, but the bottom line is she seems like a bad person, I will post more on this at a later time.

CBS Video 2:
Ayres pretends that he has all kinds of medical issues; fakes needing a cane to hobble into court.

CBS Video 3:
Former patient who says he wasn't molested.
WARNING: this video is very hard to watch. I hope this guy is OK. I didn't want to post this, but it's on the CBS site and probably not going to go away, plus it's in the main story video, which I really didn't want to skip. I may delete the link if I lose sleep about it.

CBS Video 4:
Full story, includes former patient from video 3 above.

CBS Video 5:
Detailed back-story. Good info here.. Good primer for people who don't know about this.

And finally:
Glenn Beck on Youtube:

I've heard that Michael Savage also talked about Ayres. I wish I could find a copy of that...

Well, I won't say "I hope you've enjoyed these videos...." they are hard to swallow in one sitting. If you know of others, I can add them.


  1. Video Number Two: Accompanying the good doctor and Solveig is Thea Leavitt, wife of pediatrician Sam Leavitt, who referred many kids to Dr. Ayres. Thea accompanied Solveig to the civil suit trial as well in 2005. One parent of a victim told Dr. Leavitt that Ayres was making his son strip and asked him if that was normal. According to this parent, Dr. Leavitt "just sidestepped the question and changed the subject."
    Are the Leavitts in on this or are they just naive ?

    Additionally,shortly after Dr. Ayres was arrested, the mother of an Ayres victim approached Thea Leavitt who was in her Waterworks class and told her that Ayres had molested her son. Thea didn't want to hear about it and replied " I guess child psychiatrists were trained differently back East."

    No, they weren't, Thea.

    Notice in this video how Solveig and Thea walk about forty paces in front of the alleged pedophile.

  2. Dr. Sam Leavitt and wife Thea frequently attend the symphoney with Dr. Ayres and Solveig in San Francisco. A mother of a victim spotted them last fall there. She said it ruined her evening.

    It galls many victims that Ayres got such a low bail and is now traipsing around attending plays and symphonies. Many of the victims are in jail, where Ayres should be. Wonder if he will meet some of his victims in jail ? Now, wouldn't that be interesting ?

  3. I notice that Ayres' lawyer,Doron Weinberg hasn't been having much luck with his other high profile cases lately. His client, KGO radio host Bernie Ward, pled guilty of possession of child pornography and will be sentenced this week.
    Weinberg also lost a bid this week to impose a stay on the murder retrial of music mogul Phil Spector until the appeals are heard. The judge said no.

    Perhaps as it gets closer to trial, Dr. Ayres will plead guilty ? Does he really want to have to defend himself against 41 accusers ? And what will Solveig do during the trial ? Perhaps she'll do a little mind disassociation.Instead of listening to the damning testimony about her husband, she'll just think about all those "lovely"plays she saw up in Oregon.

  4. Oh, my gosh, of course that male patient in video three was molested. Have we ever heard of a patient who wasn't forced to strip by Ayres who wasn't molested ? Look at the eerie way that man is smiling as he talks; he's in shock. Bet you anything he's gone to the prosecutor to say that he,too was a victim.

    Unless, of course, he was part of a group of boys that Ayres molested who were compensated for the molestation. Maybe he recommended that they get a lesser sentence if they were juveniles. Maybe he had some little pot parties with juveniles....he told Sean Webby from the San Jose Mercury News that he was attracted to juvenile boys because of their dangerous behavior... we also hear that Ayres was not a stranger to marijuana himself. The plot thickens.

  5. Good to see that Bernie Ward, who is represented by Doron Weinberg, Ayres' lawyer, was sentenced to seven years in federal prison for child pornography. Weinberg had asked for five years. I hope this is a pattern and that he continues to lose cases. Maybe he can get Ayres to plead guilty. Wouldn't that be something... Ayres in federal prison with all those men he molested as kids. Don't think for a minute that Ayres hasn't been lying awake at night worrying about that very scenario.
    Story in Chronicle on Ward today:

  6. We hear that at Hillcrest Dr. Ayres ingratiated himself with those in power who could give him free rein to juvenile boys, like Bebe Hoxey, Judge Marta Diaz and Gerry Hilliard. We also hear that unlike the other, friendlier child psychiatrists working at Hillcrest, Dr. Ayres was "snobbish" towards the probation officers and never gave them the time of day. We also hear that he wrote up his reports using "psychobabble" and fancy words so that no one would understand what he was saying. We are sure that his use of highfalutin language was a deliberate (and possibly bullying)ruse to intimidate people and to make them feel intellectually inferior. We wonder if he used this trick on his partners and parents when they asked him why he was making boys strip.

    We also wonder if Dr. Ayres just totally made up stuff on his reports. He sure never seemed interested in getting to the roots of the boys' problems or offering compassion and understanding or helping to boost their self-worth.

  7. Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention, Education, and Treatment
    An annotated bibliography of available print materials
    regarding child sexual abuse.
    Bibliography for parents and older teens.

    The above is part of a bibliography prepared for the committee on Adolescence of the American Academy of Pediatrics for teaching kids about sex. Guess who's the school liaison on the committee ? Dr. Sam Leavitt, Ayres' good ole opera-going pal. You know -- the one who changed the subject when a father of a victim asked him if it was normal for Ayres to be undressing his son.

  8. His name is on the sex ed material, which includes teaching kids about sex abuse.

    Section Liaison
    Samuel Leavitt, MD
    Section on School Health