Friday, August 29, 2008

Pediatricians, Lawyers, and Pedophiles; Oh My!

Tangentially related to the Ayres case:

Local talk show host Bernie Ward (KGO810 AM Radio in San Francisco) was sentenced yesterday to 7 years in prison for child pornography charges.

There’s a story with some interesting quotes on the KGO news site.

Dr. Colleen Halloran, Bernie Ward’s wife (AND PEDIATRICIAN for crying out loud) apparently blew a good deal of hot air complaining that the Feds had screwed up Iraq, the economy, and gas prices, but THEY managed destroy Bernie’s family… Hmmmm... You don’t think your SICK and Twisted husband had something to do with destroying your family?

And what’s with with all of these WORTHLESS pediatricians supporting child molesters anyway? ARRRRGGGHHH… I’d think twice about sending my kid to that twit.

Anyhow… all of this probably seems familiar to many of us. I think we’re all expecting to continue hearing exactly this same sort of filthy excrement pouring out of Solveig’s mouth.

Also of note: Doron Weinberg, Bernie Ward's attorney, is also william ayres’ attorney: In reading his quote, it appears that Weinberg thinks that the laws are all wrong, and should not punish people who like to watch kids getting molested. What a peach! (On the other hand, at least he's not doing his clients much good...)

There’s a more detailed article about what Bernie did over at SFGate.

And make sure you read the KGO news blog about this too.

Personally, I think they should execute the pervs, and give the light jail sentences that they're handing out to the enablers that seem to surround these creeps.
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  1. So how does Ward's pediatrician wife account for all of those pictures of two and three year old kids being raped and tortured that her husband sent to ten people ? Does she think the government planted them ? If I were a parent, I wouldn't want my kid anywhere near her.

    By the way, Ward blames part of his troubles on being sexually molested. Hogwash. The vast majority of people who are molested grow up to be decent law abiding citizens.

    This wife of his really scares me. Perhaps Ward and Ayres are in on something with perv pedopphile Dr. Mel Levine.

  2. I always wanted to know what kind of big fat pig ) would marry another big fat pig (in every sense of the word!) like Bernie Ward and now I know. Comparing the Iraq war to molesting children! Talk about apples and oranges! What a creepy family!

  3. Pediatricians are supossed to report child abuse not support their perverted spouse!

  4. I had no idea Bernie Ward was so- shall we say- corpulent.

    Wonder what Solveig Ayres,with her theories about fat people, would have to say about that ?

  5. One really sad aspect of all this is the total disregard for one of the principles of the Hippocratic Oath

    "I will use my power to help the sick to the best of my ability and judgement; I will abstain from harming or wronging any man by it.

    Abuse of a position of trust causes a great deal of harm.

  6. Here's another California homegrown pedophile who's still out there:

    Dr. Roger Levin, Menlo Park internist who was busted for child porn and drug possession and molesting kids and patients.. Only got a work furlough.

    Dr. Ayres' partner, Hugh Ridlehuber, treated Levin's little boys, who told Ridlehuber their father molested them. Levin sued Ridlehuber and Ayres' group Peninsula Psychiatrics because of this but the suit was dropped when he was arrested.

    Have Roger Levin and William Ayres ever crossed paths ?

  7. Whoa ! There's a blog devoted to the upcoming murder retrial of music mogul Phil Spector, and the folks there are disgusted that Spector's Doron Weinberg lawyer is also representing Dr. Ayres, whom they refer to as a pedophile.

  8. Folks may be disgusted with Doron Weinberg, but let's face it this lawyer is handling both cases for the MONEY....if he thinks Ayres is innocent he would be a fool, I am sure he has suggested Ayres try to cop a plea bargain, how can this case be won when you have already settled with one victim??

  9. "Folks may be disgusted with Doron Weinberg, but let's face it this lawyer is handling both cases for the MONEY...."

    To an large degree, I agree with what you're saying.

    I MY eyes Moron Weinberg does not get a pass because he's doing it for money. He already has, and will continue to whore himself by trashing the victims rather even bothering to support his (weak) theory that lil' billy ayres "did not act in a way that was contrary to his professional responsibilities" when he was practicing his molest-o-therapy.

    Read the Oakland Tribune

    And the San Mateo Daily News

    Where he "vigorously dismissed the former patients' recollections as fantasies 'recast by memory and suggestion.' "

    A professional COULD accept the money and conceivably do his battle without needing to recast ayres' victims as drooling idiots who have simply (and independently) dreamed up all of these apparently very similar, very odd medical exams. But Moron Weinberg is NOT a professional, he is simply a whore.

    Well, I hope his money buys him lots of nice stuff; and more than that, I hope he can one day find some peace for himself.

  10. Weinberg is gonna lose the Phil Spector case,too. Mark my words.

  11. By saying Doron Weinberg was just doing it for the MONEY I was in no way supporting this sleezy lawyer, many lawyers are sleezy whores and the justice system seems like a way for the wheels of truth to come to grinding halt. The courts have months in-between the court dates and the judges sit stiff and lifeless as if every case is just another case. Just like the lawyers who defended OJ Simpson and looked shocked at the verdict themselves, justice is not an absolute and I supported what Elly Nesler did! So please understand that if MONEY is your only motivating factor as well as high profile cases you will end up like Geragos after a few loses - all washed up.

  12. A brief history of Doron Weinberg's illustrious career:

    In 1975, represented radical Jack Scott, accused of harboring Patty Hearst. After that, represented assorted radical bombers and members of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Often negotiated plea deals and surrenders for radicals who were coming out of hiding.

    Perhaps because the well of radicals had dried up, in the mid 1990s Weinberg turned to representing perverts like a Berkeley schoolteacher accused of molesting five female students. Negotiated a plea deal for the teacher.
    Also represented Dr. Bruce Steir, whose patient died after he performed an abortion on her. Weinberg arranges a plea deal.

    Represented more perverts like Dr. Ixtlahauc, accused of penetrating women during gynelogical exams. Hung jury and found not guilty on retrial.
    Represented Redwood City piano teacher Boping Chen, accused of molesting a piano student. Found guilty by jury.

    Weinberg is in the twilight of his career and at this point it appears for him it's all about being in the media spotlight. Ayres had a respected lawyer before Weinberg named Jim Collins, a former cop. But word is that Collins couldn't stomach representing a child molester and bowed out. Ayres had to scramble to find Weinberg.

    Like his client, Billy Ayres, Weinberg is an old man.

    In the civil trial,Ayres got scared when at the last minute he heard three other victims were going to testify and that's when he settled. My guess is he won't be able to handle listening to the testimony of all these new victims, and will go for a plea deal.

  13. Well, Weinberg is 64, though he looks older. At the most recent hearing, he looked whipped,hot under the collar and cowed.