Saturday, August 16, 2008

On Solveig Ayres (Part 1)

Well, I was working on a posting about Solveig Ayres, the wife of William Hamilton Ayres, when I came across some postings on the San Mateo Daily Journal website about Solveig’s postings on an art website. So I decided to speed up this posting, and I’ll post more later. I’ll talk about the art blog posting in a bit, and re-post them here incase they disappear from there as well, but first let me talk about why Solveig is even an issue here:

Why would I want to post about Solveig Ayres, when she has done nothing, as far as we know? Here’s what’s bugging me about her: I keep hearing stories (from people who I happen to believe) that say that she is generally rude to Ayres' victims and the families of those victims when they are doing nothing but showing up in court to follow the case. I can understand “standing by your man,” but there’s no good reason to be rude to victims, especially if you're taking the “I’m innocent” high road.

Also it’s very odd, as you’ll see in her postings to the art blog, that she very much seems to Freudian slip with regard to her feelings about her husband, William H. Ayres. It’s also odd behavior, I think, to be flitting about in public circles with apparently no care at all, when very serious charges are leveled against your husband. Perhaps a more mature, reserved behavior would be more advisable. (Gee, what am I saying here? Go for it... Keep acting like a socialite twit, one or two more slip-ups like this, and you'll have as good as testified AGAINST your husband...) Well enough about my feelings about this for now.

Here is some background for these postings:
Apparently, Solveig went with Ayres or some pals or something to some art festival in Ashland, Oregon on the week of August 3rd, 2008, and saw some plays. When she got back she commented on the plays as posted below. While you’re reading this, keep in mind that William Ayres is a fat pig, and you will see why it’s important to keep that in mind:

The original site that this was posted on :
(I’m not sure what happened to post number 8, by the way… It may have been deleted by the Johnny Jeter guy who reposted to

Originally From and lifeted from

5.. Just spent a lovely 5 days in Ashland. All the plays I attended made me think, at least a little. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner was the most intriguing to fathom. I was struck with an insight and came to this sight looking to see if anyone else thought this. I thought of the truly obese people I know. Most of them allow themselves to get in this condition because they aren’t happy with what life has dealt them. They allow themselves to indulge in overeating in order to counter the dissatisfaction. They often seem placid and good natured, but eventually they may face their discontent. They withdraw internally and balloon up and totally withdraw. Minnie floats so high that she can no longer tend to the people who (as she says)“bring her down.” When she has succeeded in getting her husband and sister to take responsibility for themselves, she can completely withdraw and attend to her own thoughts and move on to where she is unreachable. Where does she go? Maybe she dies. Maybe she goes mad. or, in this case, maybe she just mystically disappears.
Thanks for the opportunity to put my thoughts in writing.
Solveig Ayres
Comment by Solveig Ayres — August 4, 2008 @ 3:30 pm

6…. and that’s what makes a ball game! Thanks, Solveig and Marc, for your insights about “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.” If the point is to provoke thought, the playwright has succeeded. One thing we ask our artists to do for us is to create metaphors for us. Often those metaphors are open-ended, and they take each of us into different interesting places, based on our own experiences and how we interpret the “signs” the artist has given us. As the parent of 14- and 10-year-old boys, I like the idea of just floating off into space and disappearing for a spell!
Comment by Bob Hicks — August 5, 2008 @ 2:37 pm

7. Bob,“As the parent of 14 and 10 year old boys”, you probably should NOT be hanging about with Solveig Ayres and her husband William Hamilton Ayres. Just google “William Hamilton Ayres” and you’ll see where I’m coming from.
By the way, one has to wonder if Solveig is refering to her own rather portly husband, when she says that they seem “placid and good natured, but eventually they may face their discontent.”
Food for thought… as it were….
Comment by Jerry Fletcher — August 11, 2008 @ 2:05 pm

8.. I will help you out, Jerry Fletcher.
Here is one of many articles on the arrest of Solveig’s husband Dr. William Ayres, from the Los Angeles Times:

Bob Hicks: You mentioned your 14 year old son’s doctor. One fervently hopes that it wasn’t Dr. Ayres !
I too was struck by Mrs. Ayres’ description of obese people who aren’t happy with what life has dealt them. She could be describing her own hefty husband, whose entire adult life has been a sham. Perhaps Solveig’s subconscious does know the truth about her husband after all…

Comment by Diana — August 11, 2008 @ 5:45 pm

10. I don’t believe this is exactly a forum to use to accusations which have been leveled against my husband and which are not true. What you’re witnessing is a modern day witch hunt.. And my husband’s weight, which he would agree is “rather portly” cannot compare with the ballooning up of Minnie in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I have had a couple of friends who are approaching being as big as Minnie and my observations are
based on that. However, I’ve said what I have to say about this year’s Shakespeare in Ashland.

Comment by Solveig Ayres — August 11, 2008 @ 8:16 pm

11. Solveig:
It is precisely the forum to use to speak out against the atrocities that you continue to support. The accusations are TRUE. You have no right to claim that they are not true, you WERE NOT THERE.

But you don’t care about the children that were hurt by your husband, or even about the fact that your husband is in jeopardy… you are concerned about your observations about Minnie in “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.”

Wow… denial is running deep this year.

And yes… this is a witch hunt… and unfortunately for many, the witches are real….

Comment by Gunther Balboa — August 11, 2008 @ 8:36 pm

12. A “modern day witch hunt”…hmm. Sounds like something the “good doctor’s” lawyer would say. Why am I getting the feeling that Solveig’s heart really, really isn’t into defending her husband anymore ? Why do I get the feeling that her defenses are crumbling ?

Solveig, surely you saw last week on the front page of the New York Times that a very prominent, nationally known pediatrician by the name of Dr. Mel Levine has been accused by 43 men of doing the very same thing to them that your husband did to vulnerable little boys ? Go to the New York Times home page and put in his name. Levine and your husband were in Boston together. Do you happen to know whether they ever crossed paths ? Because, as you will note, their cases are shockingly similar.

I think it’s great that you’re having doubts about your husband. It must take all of your willpower to defend him. I think you know what the truth is though, and we think you should go to the police with your suspicions that you have had about your husband for years. And take Dr. Etta Bryant too, who was told about the abuse before your husband was arrested. Also, take your friend Thea, who was also told by the mother of a victim about the abuse.
One gets the sense that you’ve been beaten down and controlled over the years. You seem like an intelligent woman, and it’s time to stand up for yourself and speak the truth !

Comment by Jackson — August 12, 2008 @ 2:51 am


  1. You are indeed correct that Solveig Ayres has been rude to the parents of victims. At a court hearing in May, Solveig approached the mother of a victim and said "Only God knows what happened in there."

    Yeah, and Dr. Ayres knows what happened too. The woman is clearly disconnected from reality.

    We also hear that over the years it has been Solveig who has been the "enforcer" against Ayres' perceived enemies. This information I received on this matter comes from a prominent child psychiatrist who knows both Solveig and her husband. This child psychiatrist says that Mrs. Ayres has been known to make hangup calls to Ayres' "enemies" and also has badmouthed the victim who filed the civil suit against Ayres at a national meeting of child psychiatrists.

    Very bad form to badmouth victims and their parents, Solveig...

  2. Solveig's comments in blue are hard to read on the computer. Any chance you can fix that ?

  3. mmmkay, how about now? I just made them bolder black. I thought they looked ok in blue, but the comment I usually get from people when they look at my computer is "what the #@#$ did you do to the colors and resolution on your screen??" So it could be just me.

    The whole copied thread is hard to read, because it's such a small font. I had it normal size at first, but then it took about 47 scrolls to get to the next post.

    To some extent, we all have to suffer for art...

    If that doesn't fix it, yell, and I'll wave my electron wand again...

  4. Looks much better now. Thanks.

  5. Here's Solveig fretting last year in a blog about Rupert Murdoch taking over the Wall Street Journal:

    Now, if only she would apply those same concerns about "integrity" and "high standards" towards her husband, Dr. William Hamilton Ayres.

  6. Where are the Ayres's children? Solveig doesn't seem like the typical mother in any way. What made home life so bad for the Ayres's children that they themselves have no children? No grandchildren for Ayres. This was established in his bid to remain free on bail, they said he had no grandchildren. Why aren't his children around at all, no support, no nothing. They don't seem very close. Maybe his kids hate him and they know the truth.

  7. The son is divorced and lives in Chicago. He is the same age as many of Dr. Ayres' victims. One wonders if Ayres ever did anything inappropriate to the son. The daughter has never married and lives elsewhere in California.

    I too have been struck that the children have not attended any hearings.

  8. Let us pray that Ayres did not victimize his son.

  9. It appears that Robert Ayres, Ayres son, who, while not a doctor,is drawn to medical themes. He is currently directing a play in Chicago about an arrogant surgeon, and the couple who fights against him:

    The Day Patient

    Date: Friday, September 26, 2008

    Time: 8:00 PM

    Location: Chicago

    Shapeshifters Theatre of the Irish American Heritage Center announces the world premiere of its fall production, The Day Patient, directed by Robert Ayres. The production runs for four weekends this September and October at the IAHC, located at 4626 North Knox Avenue, Chicago.

    The Day Patient, written by Irish American News columnist J. Sean Callan, tells the story of a Dublin housewife who falls into a coma after complications during routine surgery. Searching for answers, her husband tries to find the cause of her disastrous situation, but finds himself up against the forces of both an arrogant surgeon and a hospital executive more concerned on the hospital's image and insurance premiums. The husband's refusal to back down and his struggle to help his wife is both powerful and inspiring. The Day Patient demonstrates how the power of love and faith in the quest for truth can overcome the most tremendous of odds.