Thursday, August 21, 2008

Having a rough month?

Well, this is just a quick note, while I'm working on a larger posting.

I've been having a fairly tough month this month, (nightmares, poor coping behaviors, etc..) in dealing with my feelings about the ayres crap, and I wasn't sure why, and while I was replying to an email, I think I may have realized what set me off:

All of this news about Russia and Georgia have really brought back some of the tensions I remember having as a kid during the last part of the escalation of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. This was right at the time that I was being sent to ayres. I KNOW that at the time I was very worried about the world coming to an end. When the news about Russia/Georgia/NATO started breaking, The first thing I thought of was "Maybe we're going to nuke it out after all..." but since then I've hardly paid attention to the details, but I HAVE been VERY MUCH MORE pissed about ayres since then. I think September 11th may have been the triggering onset of the downfall for me for much the same reason.

Or maybe I'm just nutty.

Anyhow.. having a tough time with with the blog lately. I'm going to set comments to unmoderated for awhile, so you can just post away while I work on my next entry. Be civil please. When I get back to look at it, I'm going to just delete the stuff I don't like, without any warning or explanation. Possibly even posts that I DO like. Hopefully I won't offend anyone too much. Behave and you'll be fine.

EDIT: Please also see the NEW post below, it includes an email that I received from a former ayres patient.


  1. Hang in there ! Keep venting !

  2. Keep on writing the blog, it may help you to see your frustrations in print. You have my sympathy, and I do know what you are going through. I fervently hope Justice is done when this pervert comes to trial!

  3. What you are experiencing is very common to victims of sexual abuse and for that, I am very sorry. Let us hope Dr. Ayres' life these days is a living hell.

    It is incomprehensible that San Mateo County turned a blind eye to Dr. Ayres for decades. It is a tragedy.

  4. You will come through the fog. Having a cause as bringing the truth to light is a wonderful thing. Free speech is even better. For all those that fight a battle against the medical profession very few win. I have tried but I am now satisfied that victory is just stating the truth about doctors and their crimes. Doctors can always afford a better attorney than the person they have victimized. It takes courage for sure, so remember it takes courage to fight corruption, doctos always cover for fellow doctors. That doctor that carved his initials into a woman's body is proof of how sick they can be. Ayres is another freak. The fact that you keep going means you have already won the victory.

  5. Thanks for your comments and encouragement. It's more helpful than you can know!

    There's a lot of good stuff going on over at forums, and I think some of you have posted there. I appreciate your efforts too!

  6. The people that own Ayres condo are:

    Huang & Mimi Wang
    759 Kyle Street
    San Jose, CA 95172

    I wonder if they even know about Ayres arrest and background. If you want to send them anything about him go ahead.

    I obtained this information from the San Mateo County Assessors Office. This is considered public information.

  7. very informative blog; good job.

  8. I hate to think how many lives Dr. Ayres has ruined. It is a very sad tragedy. What's worse is that many of the victims still blame themselves for what happened. Guys...give yourself a break. You were only kids. You have a big fat towering doctor telling you "This is Ok. I'm a doctor". What were you supposed to do ? I really do hope Ayres rots in hell.

  9. Good article from Oprah about the effects of sexual abuse on married men: