Sunday, August 24, 2008

A"Professional's" Opinion

We have another live one:

Dr. Lawrence Diller, MD., longtime behavioral/developmental pediatrician and family therapist in Walnut Creek gives us his professional opinion about politics, and about his pal, Mel Levine, doctor and accused child molester. He throws in William Ayres for good measure. His statements are subtle, and he tries to show an air of neutrality, but just open your eyes, and read what he's really saying. His comments will help clarify, if there's any doubt left after reading his main article.

It's over here (Thanks again to all of you astute readers for pointing this link out to me! I fancy myself a pretty good googler, but you guys all keep scoring all the hits!):

As a side note: I just realized that I've read at least two of this guy's books, and thought he was pretty darned level-headed.

How ironic that his blog entry is titled: "There Are No Heroes" and his first line reads: "Are there no heroes? Can you count on anyone these days without the distinct possibility that they will let you down in the future?"

With professionals like this, who needs, well... who needs professionals?

Don't linger too long; it will leave a bad aftertaste!


  1. Dr. Diller is behaving just like Ayres' partners, the people at Hillcrest and Childrens Services when boys came forward to say they were molested. He is turning a blind eye to the red flags. He also appears to have a very cold heart

  2. Sounds to me that Dr. Diller at least advocates for a chaperone when conducting physicals on genitalia. This is where Ayres made a huge mistake. No nurse present, no parent present. California law makes it mandatory for male physicians when examining female patients to have a nurse or chaperone present. Ayres is guilty, he doesn't show remorse. His mug shot says it all not a wince of surprise. He already looks like a hardened criminal. I think he is a wicked sick freak and Solveig was an enabler and so were every one of his colleagues!

  3. Here's another opinion by a pediatrician, Dr. Mary Johnson concerning Dr. Levine on her blog, Dr.J's Housecalls:

    I have a hard time believing that Dr. Levine would be so stupid or brazen as to have done the things he is accused of. Given his reputation in the medical community, I simply cannot wrap my head around it.

    Although several people wrote in to say they knew victims of Levine and that theywere in pain, she has no sympathy for them.She even threatens to delete the post of one friend of a victim. Perhaps Dr. Johnson is pals with Bernie Ward's pediatrician wife.

  4. Deep Sounding-

    Someone over at the Daily Journal News forum wrote this:

    15 years ago, two therapists went to Childrens Services to complain about "the physical" ( what a euphemism) Dr. Ayres gave to a poor boy, and Childrens Services informed them that because he was a medical doctor there was nothing they could do.

    Have you thought about keeping a running list of all the complaints that were made about Ayres to Childrens Services and his partners and to other doctors over the years ? It would be a long list.

  5. New York Times:

    "Top PSychiatrist Didn't Report Drug Maker's Pay"

    He didn't report $1.8 million and didn't report it ?What is with the guys in this field ?
    Wonder how much Dr. Ayres got from the drug companies ? We hear he kept many boys drugged up. One boy said that Ayres gave him codeine whenever he felt like it and then Ayres came to visit him in the hospital bed and massaged his back, neck and head. Ugh. Gross.