Thursday, August 7, 2008

About posting comments to this blog.

I have three simple pieces of advice to give you (READ THEM, then see below for detail for each):

1. Post important new info to "the usual" places AS WELL AS HERE!
2. Make sure you know if you're posting anonymously or not!
3. If you need to send me email for attachments, please read my posting on sending me email!

1. Why post to other places as well?
This is an anonymous blog. It is hosted for free by a BIG corporate entity (Google). There are various reasons that this blog could go down, and all of the information could be gone, most of the reasons I can think of will be out of my control. Recovery of the info would be slow. (But, yeah, I'm working on backups tonight.)

Conversation here is NOT dynamic, at least for now. I am moderating the comments, so they don't post until I get a chance to get off my butt and look at what is waiting. This means that you won't get the sometimes instant replies to your post like you do in a public unmoderated forum. Less sniping, but slower flow of info... (Am I the best person to be moderating your comments? Nope, probably not, but what are you going to do?)

Visibility. Other people who are just finding out about this crud are probably not looking here first.

2. What's the deal with posting anonymously?
OK If you're concerned about who's going to know that you're posting read this part carefully please! Once the cat's out of the bag, it's not going to go anywhere near that bag again!

NOTE: This is about replies to comments, NOT sending email... Go here for that... whole nother discussion...

When you reply to a comment on this forum, you either log in with one of the various methods, or you select the anonymous button. Once you submit your post, I either post it, or I deny it. If I post it, it goes out AS IS.

If you have logged in with your google ID or another method, IT WILL SHOW, unless you select the anonymous button!
I can not change your comment, or edit out your ID.
I CAN DELETE your comment after the fact if you request it, but it could be a while before I even see that you've made that request, and by then it may be indexed by every search engine under the sun.

SO PLEASE Make sure you are selecting correctly when posting comments, if it's an important issue for you.

3 Sending me an email, rather than adding a comment to a posting?